Statistics On Norwegian Fjord Horses
compiled June 6th, 2001, for The Fjord Herald
by NFHR Registrar, Mike May

Total Number of NFHR Registered Horses: 3248
Total Number of NFHR Registered Horses still living: 3125
Number of Brown Dun:

3029 (93.25%)

Number of Greys:

95 (2.92%)

Number of Red Dun:

81 (2.49%)

Number of White Dun:

40 (1.23%)

Number of Yellow Dun:

2 (0.06%)

Number of Cremelo or Kvit:

1 (0.03%)

Please visit the NFHR website for an explanation, with photographs, of each of the colors if you are not familiar with them. The NFHR color web page is

Of the NFHR registered Fjord Horse population,
* 1874 are Mares
* 1014 are Geldings
* 360 are Stallions
* 375 Fjord Horses were registered with the NFHR last year (2000).
* 120 Fjord Horses were registered in 1990.
* The NFHR has 655 current members and 86 current subscribers to The Fjord Herald.
The oldest living NFHR registered Fjord Horse is NANSY 2071-A, reg. #NC-I-478-M.
Nansy was born on 05/06/1969 and owned by Marsha Jo Hannah since 1986.
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