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Aske & Brok, brown dun & grey Fjord yearlings

Jarratt's King Kalico, 16 hand tri-color jack next to Heidi McCarty 2004

Brok greeting Nova, Spring 2006

Home of "Jarratt's King Kalico"
1998 Tri-color Spotted Mammoth Jack

and Introducing "Brok"
2002 Silver Grullo Fjord Stallion

Brok, grey dun Fjord colt at a year and a half

Brok, full of action...

...and lots of animation!

Brok, our grey dun Fjord stallion, summer 2003

Jarratt's King Kalico's books
are now closed for 2011.

We will offer Kalico's services
to jennets 54"+ (no mares)
by private treaty only
for the 2012 season.

Kalico's measurements 2004:
Height: 64 inches
Girth: 71 inches
Knee: 16.5 inches
Cannon: 9 inches
Earspan: 34.5 inches

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Kalico's Progeny

Kalico's rear view 2004

Brok's books are
also now closed for 2011.

We will offer Brok's services
to NFHR approved mares
by private treaty only
for the 2012 season.

Brok is an NFHR approved stallion
and will be applying for his Permit
to ship cooled semen for AI after he
completes his training in the barn.

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Brok's Progeny

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