BOB And His Amazing Journey Home
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Animated BOB Bob and his Amazing Journey Home is Puzzle/Strategy Game written with children in mind.

The story begins... Bob wakes up to sirens in a cold gray cell. He doesn't understand anything around him. He can't remember how he got here. He doesn't even know his own name. But he does notice something very important.... The door to his cell has opened! Bob's quest is a simple one. He has to get home!

From here you navigate Bob through a series of 60 block pushing, laser dodging, switch flipping levels. Maybe you can help Bob find his way home!

And it's free! Bob used to be available for purchase via Softdisk. However, Bob was written for the MS-Dos operating system and Softdisk no longer supports DOS software. While there are issues with some system, Bob still runs fine on most Windows machines. The file size is very small (72k), so the best way to see if you can play Bob is to download the game and give it a try. Because Bob is an older product and a 'free' product, I can't offer any technical support. But, so long as you can unzip a file, you shouldn't have any trouble. Enjoy!

Screen Shots
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Main Menu In Game Shot Title Screen

System Requirements:
  • Minimum
    • 640x480x16 VGA Graphics Adapter
    • 286 or faster processor
    • 160k base memory
    • DOS 5.0 (or Windows9X)
  • Suggested
    • 640x480x256 SVGA Graphics Adapter (Vesa)
    • 486dx66 or faster processor
  • Other points
    • Requires no extended memory
    • Run fine in Windows 3.x and Windows9X
    • Keyboard support only.
    • PC speaker support only.
Bob Disk

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