updated - 7/23/97



This game has no point! Just splatter these little... uh.. things! This game is entirely free. Why have a support page? Because splat lets you redesign the game. You can get an editor for all the sprites. You can also create new sound FX and background pictures. Soooo, if you create a great .SET file or an interesting redesign of the entire game, lets get your work online for the world to see!

Current version 1.20

Download Splat 1.20 now! (523k)
Download Splat Edit 1.0 now! (32k)

Specs- Sound support via Ethan Brodsky's Smix sound library.

Screen Shots

Title Screen
Title Screen
Main Menu
Main Menu
Game Screen
Game Screen (splat.set)
Main Menu
Main Menu

.SET files

Coming Soon
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