Character List

Warning- Under these links you may find some "spoiler" information. Parts of the plot may be given away. You have been warned!


PLAYABLE Characters
  • *Drudwyn- Athurian Legend (Knight)
    • The King's best and most trusted Knight
  • Seth-
    • Main character in the game.
    1. SpriteFarmer
      • A buff young man. A strong character, weak magic, and kinda slow.
    2. *Monk
      • Not such a strong character, but the strongest possible starting magic.
    3. SpriteKnight
      • A fighter, a fairly well balanced character.
    4. SpriteAristocrat
      • A weaker character in defence, but swift and attacks well.
    5. *Shadonian Mage
      • Eventually, no matter how Seth begins, he will become a Shad.
  • *Gerwin-
    • Dwarfish little guy. He's only with the party a short while.
  • *Staulker-
    • Elfish guy. He will join the party shorty after you loose Gerwin. He has a rich past.
  • *Venetia- Celtic (blessed)
    • She is picked up about halfway through the game while Staulker is in the party. She is very much like Seth in many ways.
  • *Phonovan-
    • Master of the Shads.
  • Ormad- Anglo (sad)
    • King of Talibah, father to Seth.
  • Miriam- Armenian (rebelious)
    • Queen of Talibah, mother to Eznik.
  • Eznik- Armenian (50th century philosopher)
    • Queen's son via Phelon. Everyone, including Eznik himself, beleives that he is the son of Ormad.
  • Phelon- Celtic (wolf)
    • Queen's lover for one night. Aristocratic man in Talibah.
  • Safiya- Egyptian (pure)
    • Mother of Seth. She is also the King's chamber maid.
  • Uther- Authorian Legend
    • Red haired angry king of a northern territory. Basically a noble man, but he rules with alot of brute force.
  • Allura-
    • A young and beautiful elf. She captures the heart of Staulker, but Staulker doesn't realize it until its too late.
  • Aphillia-
    • A shad with powers as great as Phonovan's. But, power goes to her head. Vanity and greed overcome her.