Most all of the work is being done by myself. This currently includes alot of art, code, character design, plot, and all that other good stuff that I like.


OEric E. Hache will compose the music.


OBattle Screen backgrounds
OWesley Miaw
ORhett Baldwin
OOverworld Art (tiles)- Scott Dudley (me)
OMonsters and other battle screen images- Brian Crews
OCharacter images- Theresa Dudley
OTitle Screen/Menus/Fonts- Scott Dudley
OStory Scene Art- Not sure yet...

Considerable code help from-

OScott Earnest
ODiing-Seng Toh
OChris Shaffer

I am currently using the following libraries-

OSmix by Ethan Brodsky
OSPX by Scott D. Ramsey (just the timing unit)


O Amanda June Eldridge

If I have missed anyone, I apologize... Please let me know.