update as of 11/30/97: The first demo released with sound support.. cool eh?

ODEMO 4- | 1,644k | 11/30/97
Well, I promised the world another demo and here it is. I really put a lot into this one and I'm very drained. I'm expecting many bug reports.. I've had an average of 5 hours of sleep each night for the past 4 days. Sorry for the large size, perhaps I will make the music a seperate D/L inthe future.
ODEMO 3- | 196k | 5/29/97
This demo isn't much different from Demo 2. Shortly after releasing demo 2 I started reworking the source code alot. I didn't keep a copy of the demo's source code. Then I found out about a bug in the demo involving the joystick routines. I compiled this and released it real quick like. You'll notice a few differences between this and demo 2, but not many. The main thing I hope you notice is that the bug is gone. (I hope its gone anyway)
ODEMO 2- | 220k | 5/24/97
The second TLOT demo including a rain function and a slightly improved scrolling engine. Joystick support! There is a bug in this package though. If you do not have a joystick on your computer, it will most likely act up.
ODEMO 1- | 205k | 7/7/96
The first TLOT demo. Basic game concept, no sound, not all art is original.