This web site was created as an information resource for The Legend of Talibah. A comprehensive and up to date links section is the last priority.

Talibah Related Links

O Zaskoda Soft Fan Page After being down for a while, the Zaskoda Soft Fan Page has found its way back to the web. Its usually updated a little more often than some of MY pages. [Follow the "Zaskoda" button/link on the left to access the Fan Page]

O The Role Programmers Home TLOT Preview A very positive sounding overview mostly taken from the playable demo I have available. The story info is incorrect, as its the story behind the demo and not the game, but I'm none too worried.

O Deltaman's TLOT Preview Deltaman's web site has previews and reviews for many console style PC games that are available or being worked on. His site has links to a vast number of interesting projects. This site, like so many others, is never updated anymore.

O G-Realm's TLOT Preview G-Realm and Zaskoda Soft have had some disputes in the past, but a TLOT review was still added to G-Realm's web site. It is short and vague, but it's there. This site hasn't been updated in an EXTREMELY long time.

The People behind Talibah

O Zaskoda of Shobek The person behind the Legend of Talibah project.

O ELC Game Music ELC will be composing the CD sound track for The Legend of Talibah. ELC has also provided a lot of input and comments on the development of Talibah. There are many music samples available at this web site.

O Brian Crews Brian Crews did a good amount of artwork for Talibah and will most likely do more in the future. Don't expect any updates to his web site or replies to e-mail as he isn't currently in the country.

O SnowCreekBerry The source of all inspiration and hope for TLOT's development.

Similar cRPGs Sites

O The Red Dragon Review This is a great overall site for RPG news and updates. A vast listing of games and current news all laid out in a good format with pleasant graphics. Definately worth a look, even if it was done with front page.

O The Role Programmers Home I have very little to comment on about this site as its fairly new as of the time I wrote this text and I haven't explored it very well yet. It appears as though it might be well udpated and it does have a fairly good number of non-commercial RPGs listed (including TLOT).

O Fantasy Origin This site was originally created by Zaskoda of Shobek. It has changed hands many times. It contains a list of cRPGs being actively developed as well as a posting board for those who are interested in working on a game or those who need help with a project.

O Age of the Mystics Web Page While "Age of the Mystics" is a game being developed currently, this web site does much more than just provide information about its own game. This web site has one of the most comprehensive collection of shareware cRPG links available on the Internet. The last time I checked this link it was broke, I hate to remove it as this site does move around a lot and is worth a visit. If anyone knows the correct URL, please let me know.

O Deltaman's Site As the author puts it, this web site is a listing of "Final Fantasy" type games for the PC. This is a well developed site with a good amount of information and links. It is kept fairly updated and is worth a look.

O G-Realm G-Realm and Zaskoda Soft have had some disputes in the past. Regardless of G-Realm's reputation, the site does have some useful links and a "gallery" of images (mostly screen shots) from various console style RPGs.