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Updates for: 11/99
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Yeap, I've been working away on stuff. Space Pirate is going nowhere, but atleast its going. Less than a month and it will either be finished or abandoned. Either way, I'll have something to post.

In the mean time I have something special for everyone. Actually, I have two special items for everyone. Ok first item, I have the current build of space pirate. Its about 3.3 megs. Its a Win9X game and it should work with directX 5 and up. You can snag it [here]! Keep in mind, this is not a game. Its just the current build. In fact, it kind of sucks. The screen shot here is much more entertaining.

And my second offering, I've got the full source to The Legend of Talibah. Yes, I finally give up. I don't have the time or desire to finish writing TLOT for DOS anymore. I will either restart TLOT under Win9X, or hopefully, under Linux. I'd like to find a dedicated and good artist before hand, but that's probably wishful thinking. Anyway, if you want your copy of the TLOT source, you can snag all 2.7 megs of it [here]. Before you download it, realize that ALL INTELECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS ARE STILL MINE!

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