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Fisher Flying Products
Good People!
These are the people that now hold and sell the Youngster and many other designs
I have never called them with out having a competent encouraging answer available.

This is Alan Brown's Celebrity project also a FFP kit.
I have used this web site extensively in my considerations on my Youngster.

Dr. Scott  Cannon's Youngster!

Great plains aircraft
All the parts you would ever need to build a VW engine for aircraft use.
The also are the dealers for the full Sonerai line of aircraft


With the addition of another airplane to the flock, I must add few links.
Comprehensive site by Carlos Emmons

Another site with a few pictures of a first flight 


Having built a Sonerai, you can imagine my interest in anything that
John Monnett has built.  This is his latest offering!

<>My EAA chapter's web site  

local forecast


Cute engine link

Bruce Hotz's site, with great info about a Small Teledyne motor