Sonerai I
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This airplane is constructed totally of aircraft materials, using certified techniques.
Welded steel tube fuselage construction, covered with Dacron fabric, and the wing is constructed using  .025" thick 2024-T3 aluminum.
It's total weight is just less than 500 pounds.
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Air to air shot by Dan Lacore

Shot of my Sonerai and Tom Walkers Sonerai I

What's under the cowl?  Stock VW 1600cc!

A bit more revealing view of the sonerai's engine
for a couple more close up pictures of the drive end of the engine click the following two links
drive 1   drive 2

Sonerai CG work sheet

Here are a few stories about my trip to oshkosh and back in the Sonerai "I" I built

Trip out          The week          Trip home

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I again, against my best judgment, made the trip to Oshkosh and back.  Here is the report I wrote about the trip, I decided in 98, would not ever happen again
.The trip that would never happen

The trip back from where I'd never been!