[NI0003] Death certificate ON FILE! [#3432 - State of Texas, Montague County]
Died 19 June 1984 of apparent heart attack. Pronounced dead by Jim Harris, J.P. Pct. 1, Montague County. Hour of death 11:55 a.m. Recorded in DEATH RECORD INDEX of Montague County 1903 - ?, Vol.12 1983-1985 #384.

[NI0008] Visit with Flora twice each year by phone prior to attending convention in San Antonio, TX. We try to keep in touch with her.... as she is one of TWO surviving Meyer siblings.

[NI0011] Married JD Covington 20 September 1934 at Montague, Montague County, Texas. Record: MARRIAGE RECORD of MONTAGUE COUNTY Vol.2 - Ref: p.248

[NI0012] Called "Uncle T" by some family members.
Buried in Rosston Cemetery, Cooke County, Texas. {Ref: Cooke County Cemeteries, p.330) [Masonic emblem on headstone]{Copy of p.330 ONFILE}

Photo of headstones for Theodore M. Meyer and wife Willie Lee (Robeson) Meyer ON FILE!

[NI0013] Sources:
1)*Certification of Vital Record - County of Cooke - State of Texas # 08315 (April 27, 1999) RECORD of DEATHS Data: Father - W.G. Robeson of Meggs County, Tennessee; Maiden name of mother - Flora Wms of Missouri {Record of Deaths - p.71, Cooke County Courthouse}, Informant - T.M. Meyer of Rosston; Date of report - 5/8/24. Cause of death - Tumor on brain. Undertaker - Gibson's Mortuary - Gainesville, Texas.{ON FILE!}

2) Headstone @ Rosston Cemetery, Cooke County, Texas. Copy of cemetery records fr "Cooke County Cemeteries" {Cross Timber Genealogical Society} - compiled by Michele Kneupper in Fall of 1978. p.330 (ON FILE!).

Checked Montague County Courthouse Records for record of birth. Montague County began keeping written records in 1903. No record of Willie Robeson in register.

[NI0014] Buried in "Fairview Cemetery", Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas . (Lot 53)
Masonic emblem on headstone. [Source: "Fairview Cemetery, Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas" BOOK - Publ. 1985; Div 8, p.35 {Copy on file}]
William Augusta was born soon after his parents (Karl & Anna) arrived in the USA.{Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW}

{HEKR} According to "Sally's" records - William Augusta "Bill" MEYER was born in Hanover, Saxony, West Germany, arrived at Port of Boston. Married Charity Elizabeth WELBORN on 28 Dec 1876 in Moody, McClennon County, Texas at home of Pete & Ruby ARNOLD of the Splawn Community north of Greenwood. Bill and Charity drove to Missouri to make their home. In 1891 they left Springfield, MO for Texas in covered wagons. They settled at Rosston, Cooke County, Texas, where he became a farmer. In 1917, they moved to Tioga, Grayson County, Texas. He died in 1931 at Davis, Oklahoma. They were of Church of Christ faith.

[NI0015] Buried in "Fairview Cemetery", Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas. (Lot 53)
Photo of William Augusta and Charity ON FILE!


[NI0019] Buried on Simmons homestead, Wenatchee Valley, Washington

[NI0035] Buried at Fairview Cemetery in Gainesville. [Source: Fairview Cemetery Book of Cooke County, Gainesville, Texas - p.168 Div. X, Publ. 1985 {Compiled 1983-84, Co-editors - Sue Wood & Ronnie Howser}]

[NI0041] Buried in Rosston Cemetery, Cooke County, Texas. {Ref: Cooke County Cemeteries, p. 329 - Copyright 1980 - compiled by Michele Kneupper in Fall of 1978; "Cross Timber Genealogical Society"} (Book located @ Cooke County Library - Gainesville, Texas)

[NI0042] Photo of headstones for Whorton C. Inglish and wife Myrtle (Meyer) ON FILE!

[NI0043] Photo of headstone at Rosston Cemetery of Bryant Meyer ON FILE!

[NI0050] HEKR indicated first name as Walter.

[NI0058] {HEKR} Dr. Hunt was attending physician at Daniel Eugene Kingsley's birth. (Dr. Hunt was found murdered later.)
Danny & Coy "eloped" to Old Mexico, May 14, 1968....later remarried in Lubbock, TX. (May 25, 1968).
Involved in "Square Dancing"

[NI0059] Graduated LCC in 1962; WTSU in 1964.
Retired from active classroom teaching March 31, 1999 after 35 years as a public school band director. Serves as UIL Executive Director for Region 2 Music Activities (1974 - present).

[NI0060] Arcitectural Draftsman for same company in Hesston, Kansas for last 25+ years.

[NI0067] {HEKR} Dr. T.G. Rogers was attending physician for Kenneth David's birth. Kenneth David and wife [Patsy Ruth] both attended "Texas State School for (Hearing) Handicapped", Austin, TX.

[NI0068] {HEKR} Dr. E.M. Parrish was attending physician at birth of Jerry Don COVINGTON.

[NI0069] {HEKR} Dr. E.M. Parrish was attending physician for birth of JoAnn COVINGTON.

[NI0070] Born at Saint Joseph's Hospital in Fort Worth, TX.

Enlisted in US NAVY after completing high school. {HEKR} - Rodney not married as of 1977.

[NI0072] {LDK} Uncle Will could swing a "mean" razorstrap. Gainesville baseball field and circus grounds were right behind the Dill's house on California Street.

[NI0084] Source: Bobby Carroll Williams of Greenwood, Texas and wife Jo Ann (Coker). Visited in their home on 4/18/1999.
Elmer "Chief" WILLIAMS is nephew of Laura {Vermillion} Warren of Greenwood, TX.

[NI0085] Mary (my wife) and I visited with Bobby Carroll WILLIAMS and his wife Jo Ann in their home in Greenwood, Texas on Sunday, April 18, 1999.

[NI0105] Tarren and Gretchen were united in marriage on 30th of May 1999 in New Orleans, Louisiana at the "Zion Lutheran Church" (1924 Saint Charles Avenue - New Orleans). Rev. Thomas J. Rogers administered the vows.

Wedding reception following the ceremony was held at "Pontchartrain Hotel", 2031 Saint Charles Avenue, New Orlean, Louisiana.

[NI0106] Was scheduled for liver transplant in September of 1998, postponed.

[NI0111] LSK Genealogy data indicates birthdate as Nov. 21, 1895.
Source: Lawrence Scott KINGSLEY (LSK personal knowledge via Ray Lorance.)
Last known address of Alice Kingsley - 254 Brazio Rd - Roseburg, OR 97470 as reported by nephews J.W. and Harold.

[NI0125] Art teacher @ Rowlett HS, Rowlett, Texas. {Garland ISD}}

[NI0143] Born @ 9:21 pm, 19 1/2" inches long, 7 lb 10 oz, on January 21, 19988

[NI0147] [Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

Buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Wise County, Texas.
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

Buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Wise County, Texas.

[NI0148] [Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

Buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Wise County, Texas.
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

Buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Wise County, Texas.

[NI0149] [Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

Buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Wise County, Texas.
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

Buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Wise County, Texas.

[NI0156] [Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

Buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Wise County, Texas.
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

Buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Wise County, Texas.

[NI0159] [Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

Buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Wise County, Texas.
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

Buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Wise County, Texas.

[NI0160] HEKR - Richard was born on Dow Sampler farm, where sister Wilma had been born. Dr. Moore was attending physician. Married at his parents home in Greenwood, Texas - Albert McNeely J.P. Officiating. Mrs. Sallie (Sampler) Austin and Mary Ann (Hill) McCarty {his grandmother} were official witnesses. Married Evelyn MEYER of Rosston, Cooke County, Texas.

Ben Upchurch found house locked and dad had not been seen on his regular rounds to coffeeshop, drugstore, etc. so Ben called the police. Police found dad on floor of bathroom....appeared to have died suddenly of a "heart attack" and fell on the floor.
1)Birth certificate ON FILE! [#21725 Greenwood, Wise County, Texas]
2)Also recorded in WISE COUNTY RECORD of BIRTHS 1903 - ? at Wise County Courthouse. {Copy ON FILE!}

[NI0162] Died in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1976. (industrial accident)
Music teacher/pianist. Graduated LCC - 1967; WTSU - 1969. Also known as Patsy.

[NI0163] Copy of birth certificate ON FILE!
Grandpa Clint had a 12-gauge shotgun, manufactured in 1898. Larry inherited the shotgun from Richard (Clint's son). {LDK}

[NI0164] Birth certificate ON FILE!
Ref: "RECORD of BIRTHS, Wise County, Texas 1864 - 1902", p.251{ON FILE!} Contents: Children of George Buchanan McCarty (MS) and Mary Ann Hill (GA) = Hazel Berneice McCARTY, James Ray McCARTY, Mattie Evalena McCARTY; Child of Will Andy McCarty (TX) and Tilda Sanderson (TX) = William Murray McCARTY.

[NI0165] {HEKR} Dr. E.M. Parrish was the attending physician at the birth of Norman Eugene KINGSLEY at the farm a mile NW of Greenwood. In 1977, Norman completed 29 years with General Dynamics Corporation. Betty had worked for Masonic Temple for 28 years.

[NI0166] HEKR - J.C. KINGSLEY "Tex" was born in Greenwood, Wise County, Texas on the farm just south of the Foster Cemetery. Dr. Paris was the attending physician.

[NI0167] {HEKR} Dr. French was the attending physician at birth of Mary Marie KINGSLEY. The J C Kingsley family lived on the Batdorf place, on Tacky Street.

[NI0169] {HEKR} Dr. Edwin Harrison was the attending physician at Thomas Dale KINGSLEY's birth in Fort Worth, TX. "Tommy" had a misshapen foot that was corrected over the following years. His last corrective surgery was 1970 at Harris Children's Hospital. He graduated from Birdville High School in Haltom City in June 1976.

[NI0170] {HEKR} Dr. Ed Harrison was the attending physician at birth of Terry Michael KINGSLEY in Fort Worth, TX.

[NI0171] {HEKR} Kimberley Kay KINGSLEY was born the day after the funeral service for President John F. Kennedy [assassinated in Dallas, TX.]. Dr. Ed Harrison was the attending physician for Kim's birth.

[NI0177] {HEKR} Dr. E.M. Parrish was attending physician at birth of Harold Rogers KINGSLEY at the farm, a mile NW of Greenwood. When two days old, Harold had surgery in Rogers Hospital in Decatur, TX. [Dr. T.G. Rogers - physician]. Nurse Sarah Jane Horseman cared for him for several weeks. When he was dismissed from the hospital, he was placed in the home of Albert and Fannie (Clifton) McNeely. Lena was ill for a time after Harold's birth and stayed in the home of Mrs. M.A. McCarty {her mother}. Mrs. Lottie Kingsley {mother of JC} came down from Oklahoma and stayed in the Kingsley home.

Harold Rogers served in the US NAVY during WW II. He made his home in California after he was discharged from the military.

[NI0178] {HEKR} Dr. E.M. Parrish was the attending physician for birth of Hazel Evalyn "Sally" KINGSLEY in Greenwood, TX. JC Kingsley family resided on Tacky Street. Mrs. Minnie Williams was present to assist the doctor ["Sally" was a 'blue baby' at birth]. Sally and Bernie Rucidlo were married at the Church of the Sacred Heart on Bahrain Island, in the Arabian Gulf, Middle East.... while living at Dhahran, Saudia Arabia.

[NI0180] {HEKR} "Pappy" Kouns served in 631st Artillery Battalion with the 5th Army during WW II. Pappy and Marie had no children. Both were employed by the Bell Helicopter Corporation, Hurst, TX.

[NI0181] Resided at 801 N 19th - Memphis, Texas at time of death.

Died at about 2:00 pm of natural causes {instant}.

Several weeks prior to Robert Hugh's death, an automobile that he had jacked up and was working on, fell on him. He refused to go see a doctor. The day he died, he had gone to the farm near Lakeview to attend to some livestock.... and was discovered dead in his auto and the auto was in the ditch. [Source: Mary {daughter of Robert Hugh & Alice}] This occurred 7 days prior to the birth of daughter Mary Karen. [LDK]

Copy of DEATH CERTIFICATE #1303 (Reg.No. 1183) ON FILE!

[NI0183] Oren was captain of the 1st football team at Memphis High School. Photo of football team ON FILE!

Oren was a World War I VETERAN, having served in the US NAVY. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge and American Legion.

Funeral service was conducted at Church of Christ in Memphis, Texas on Tuesday, Oct 29, 1985 at 2:30 pm. Minister officiating was Derrell McGlathery.

[NI0194] {HEKR} Harold and Ruby {Soard) Sheer [a widow with 2 children] were married in Reno, Nevada on August 3, 1960. They divorced and later remarried. Both were employed by State of California. Harold worked in a state hospital and Ruby was the first woman supervisor to be head of an all male Institution of Correction {Prison}. Much of Ruby's work was involved with prisons and probation.

[NI0199] In Hightower Genealogy, indicates names as David Washington Kingsley and Charlotte Emily Gardner. In Kingsley/McCarty Genealogy, names are: Daniel Washington "Tucker" Kingsley and Charlotte Eugena Gardner.

In Lawrence Scott KINGSLEY Genealogy, indicates nickname "Tuck".
Birthdates, parentage, etc. are the SAME on both genealogical lists.

In Shepard/Everard Genealogy & LSK Genealogy & Mark Freeman Report: show Daniel's birthdate as May 28, 1847.

In LSK report - indicates TWO additional children: Jake Kingsley (?), Tiney Kingsley (?) who married ? Clancey. Another name was mentioned as being a child of Daniel & Charlotte: Estelle (?) who married ? Washburn.

According to census records, D.W. Kingsley and family was in Prentiss County, MS in 1880.

1)Photo of Daniel ON FILE!
2)Photo of headstone @ Tipton, Oklahoma ON FILE!!
3)Copy of "Confederate Veteran Application for Pension" ON FILE! [Form A, No.1960, "Approved" 7/3/1917]
4)Ray Lorance indicates Daniel was in the Civil War and played the violin.
5)Monroe KINGSLEY (gs/o Daniel) said "Tuck" was Watkins salesman.
6)1880 Census, Prentiss Co.,MS {film T8-#663}, p.18 Line 10, #154-154, (E half of 3rd Dist. 18 July 1880 = D.W. KINGSLEY - age 32 [farmer],SC,SC,SC; Nanie Bell - age 3 [dau], MI,SC,ALA; Willie L. - age 2 [dau], MI,SC,ALA; Nancy Kingsley - age 53 [mother], SC,SC,SC.

NOTE: Civil War Info - Company A of Ashcraft's Regiment, sometimes known as the 11th Mississippi Cavalry, went to Georgia in July 1864. Stricklin's Company combined with Co.E of Lt.Col Thomas C. Ashcraft's 3rd Battalion of State Cavalry {Itawamba County}. One officer that Daniel W. Kingsley referred to in his application for pension was Gholson. In Mississippi records of Civil War, a reference is made to a Maj.Gen S. J. Gholson.

Ref: 3rd Mississippi Cavalry - Ashcraft's Battalion (later became the 11th Miss. Cavalry). The 3rd Miss. Cav. appears to have been a state unit under Brigadier General Samuel J. Gholson

[NI0200] In Kingsley is shown as Charlotte E Eugena Gardner.
In Hightower is shown as Charlotte Emily Gardner.
Birthdates and sites and parentage are IDENTICAL, therefore assumption of incorrect posting of name is implied.

Hightower GEDCOM Files: Ref: 12593 Indicates marriage date as Apr 14, 1883; Ref: 9153, 9154 indicates date of birth as March 31, 1858. {Correct date: 4 April 1883, Official Records of Prentiss County, Mississippi}

Charlotte was also called by nickname "Lottie". Headstone @ cemetery indicates date of birth as March 3, 1858.

LSK - Tipton Cemetery index gives d of d as 16 May 1935. HEKR Records indicate d. 16 July 1935. {Gravestone was erected at her grave in 1974. Two sons and husband D.W.Kingsley are buried in the plot.}

HEKR: Lottie went to Prentiss Co,MS with her parents ca 1876 fr Upson Co,GA. She was widow of Thomas E. Stricklin {d.1881} and mother of Robert & Estelle Stricklin. After death of Thomas, she moved back to the home of her widowed mother where she lived with the children. Her family had known wealth in the years prior to the Civil War. Men of the family became doctors, lawyers and teachers. When she made known her intention to marry "Tuck" Kingsley, her brothers tried unsuccessfully to get her to change her mind. It is tradition that she said she'd have married him, 'if he had to swim the Mississippi River in his shirt tail'. He was a farmer without means. After they were married, her son ROBERT lived with the new family but ESTELLE continued to live with her grandmother M.Maria E. Gardner and her uncles.
1)Photo of "Lottie" ON FILE!
2)Photo of headstone at Tipton, Oklahoma ON FILE!
3)LSK has copy of obituary ON FILE!
4)Application for Pension for Widow of Confederate Soldier - Lottie Kingsley ON FILE! [No. A6235 "Approved"]

[NI0201] Source: Lawrence Scott KINGSLEY
1)Monroe (s/o Albert) was 11 in Mountain Park when Albert died. Step-mother {Pearl Cloud} called down the steps, "Hey kids! Your dad just died."
2)Picture of Albert's headstone ON FILE!

[NI0207] LSK Genealogy Report indicates d of b as 12 May, 1823.

CCMiller records indicate d of d as 20 July, 1909.

[NI0209] 1840 Census, Union County, South Carolina (film T5-#163 in Ft Worth Public Library) - p.11, Line i = Mrs. W. Kingsley, 1 m 5-10, 1 f 10-15, 1 m 10-15, 2 f 15-20, 1 m 15-20, 2 f 20-30, 1 m 20-30, 1 f 50-60

Special note: This family was named as one of many South Carolinians who migrated into Mississippi, ca 1846. p.46, "MIGRATION OF SOUTH CAROLINIANS", by Jayne Conway Garlington, Pruitt (1949).

Listed in 1850 Census - Itawamba County, Mississippi (film 432-#474) - District #7, 1 October 1850:
p.816 Line 6, #414-417 Nancy Kingsley - age 26, b. SC; Daniel Tucker Kingsley - age 5, b. SC; Nancy Kingsley - age 2, b. Miss
p.816 Line 9, #818-818 Absolam A.J. Woods - age 30 {farmer}, b.KY; Charity Woods - age 24, b.ALA; Rachel - age 3, b. Miss; Sarah - age 6/12, b.Miss
p.816 Line 13, #419-419
p.816 Line 16, #420-420 Winneford Kingsley - age 64, b.SC; Mary - age 42, b.SC, Elizabeth - age 28, b.SC; Rhoda - age 29, b.SC; Nancy - age 24, b.SC; William - age 21, b.SC; Cornelius - age 17, b.SC; Sarah - age 31, b.SC
p.819 Line 32, #448-448 Jesse Kingsley - age 23 {farmer}, b.SC; Ann Kingsley - age 28, b.SC

Special note: MARRIAGE RECORDS, Lee County, Mississippi:
Bk 3, p 149: Jesse KINGSLEY to Mary Ann WOOD, 21 October 1849.
Bk 4, p 9: Nancy M. KINGSLEY to Richard MILLION, 8 November 1851
Bk 4, p 121: Hardiman KINGSLEY to Lucy KINGSLEY, 20 January 1854

[NI0213] George Buchanan McCARTY served as Justice of the Peace = 1902-1923.

[NI0215] William Jasper Hill was a MASON: 1865 - #202 Tunnel Hill, Georgia; 10/17/1897 #779 Greenwood, Texas

[NI0219] 1830 Dallas County, Alabama CENSUS p.96
Jacob McCarty 50-60, Mary 40-49, 2 sons 10-15, 3 sons 15-20, 1 daughter 14-20

1840 Tippah County, Mississippi CENSUS p.177
Jacob McCarty 70-79, Mary 50-59, sons 20-29, 15-19, 1 daughter 10-14

[NI0223] 1840 Tippah Co.,MS CENSUS p.180 = James McCarty 20-29, wife 20-29, 3 sons 5-9, 2 sons 0-4, 2 daughters 10-14, 2 daughters 5-9

[1850 Tippah Co.,MS CENSUS p.577] {James McCarty 60 of Georgia, was listed in the household of Henry Spirrgion?}

James died after the 1860 census & bfr 1870 census as Nancy was living with son, Joseph J. They had moved to Texas in 1845 according to 1868 Voter Registration & had been in Erath County since 1855. (WFT Vol.3 #3922)

[NI0225] [Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

Bill McCarty's FAMILY PAGE indicates William was born in 1812.

Sept. 1850 Tippah Co.,MS Circuit Court: William McCarty JURY DUTY
Sept. 1851 Tippah Co.,MS Circuit Court: William McCarty JURY DUTY
Sept. 1852 Tippah Co.,MS Circuit Court: C.P. Miller & Son v. William McCarty
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

Bill McCarty's FAMILY PAGE indicates William was born in 1812.

Sept. 1850 Tippah Co.,MS Circuit Court: William McCarty JURY DUTY
Sept. 1851 Tippah Co.,MS Circuit Court: William McCarty JURY DUTY
Sept. 1852 Tippah Co.,MS Circuit Court: C.P. Miller & Son v. William McCarty

[NI0226] 1840 Tippah Co.,MS CENSUS p.195
Jacob McCarty 20-29, wife 15-19, a son & daughter 0-4

Sept. 1849 Tippah Co.,MS Circuit Court: Jacob McCarty Jr for James B. Ellis and Henry Westbrook

Jacob left Mississippi circa 1849 and was on the 1850 Arkansas CENSUS in Ouacita County. He was on the 1860 Texas, Erath County CENSUS. He stated on the 1867 Erath County VOTER REGISTRATION that he had been in that precinct 8 years.

WFT Vol.3 #3922 - Jacob Jr left MS circa 1849. His oldest child, Margaret, had died. A female {age 0-5} was on the 1840 MS Census & not on the next census & a Margaret had died in Aug 1849 in Tippah County, MS & was on the 1850 ARK Census, Ouacita County. Jacob was on the 1860 Erath County, Texas Census & stated on 1867 Erath County voter registration that he had been in that precinct 8 years. His 3 youngest children were born in Arkansas.

[NI0227] Civil War POW - died @ Alston Prison Campp
1840 Dallas County, Alabama CENSUS p.69: A.P. McCarty 40-49, wife 20-29, sons 20-29, 15-19, 5-9, daughters 10-14, 5-9, 0-4.

Sept 1849 Tippah Co.,MS Circuit Court: Andrew P. McCarty v. Jonathan Robinson re S24 T3 R4E

Sept 1850 Tippah Co.,MS Circuit Court: Andrew P. McCarty v. Jonathan Robinson re E1/2 SW1/4 S24 T3 R2E

Sept 1852 Tippah Co.,MS Circuit Court: Lewis D. Viser v. Giles Hill, Andrew P. McCarty

[NI0229] Middle name? Ann or Adaline
Birthdate: Feb. 12 OR Apr. 12
Hollis Family Genealogy (wcook14024) indicates middle name is "Ann"

[NI0234] [Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

1860 Texas Census showed a boarder living with Jake's family:
Joseph Hendrick - Caucasian male (22 yrs old)
1880 Texas Census showed a boarder living with Jake's family:
Jesse S. Herrington - Caucasian male (28 yrs old)
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

1860 Texas Census showed a boarder living with Jake's family:
Joseph Hendrick - Caucasian male (22 yrs old)
1880 Texas Census showed a boarder living with Jake's family:
Jesse S. Herrington - Caucasian male (28 yrs old)

[NI0235] Died in Bosque County, Texas (Committed suicide)

[NI0237] [Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

Occupation: Farmer
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

Occupation: Farmer

[NI0239] Daniel McCarty's WILL dated Aug 14, 1782, recorded in Book I, 1777-1798, pg 69, Drawer 48, Box 72, Richmond County, Georgia: Daniel requests the estate of Corneleus, deceased, formerly of St. Helena, Georgia, be divided among the following: Agnes (wife of Daniel), 1. a daughter, 2. a daughter, 3. Jemimah, 4. John, 5. Jacob, 6. Olley, 7. Ann, 8. Daniel, 9. Corneleus, 10. a daughter

[NI0242] [Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

Broderbund WFT Vol 3 #3922
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

Broderbund WFT Vol 3 #3922

[NI0243] Broderbund WFT Vol 3 #3922

[NI0245] Broderbund WFT Vol 3 #3922

[NI0247] [Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

Broderbund WFT Vol. 3 #3922
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

Broderbund WFT Vol. 3 #3922

[NI0249] In the book, "The McCarty's in Early American History", by Michael O'Brien, CORNELEUS McCARTY served in Capt. Jenkins Company of South Carolina, Volunteer Militia, June 1775. In Oct 1775 he was with Captain Darius Dalton's Company of Militia, Prince William County, South Carolina.

The General Assembly in South Carolina, on Sept. 9, 1779, passed an Ordinance to receive a loan from Corneleus of 16000 pounds (abt $40,000) as a loan to the State of South Carolina, signed Dec 15, 1779.

Refer to Daniel McCarty (son of Corneleus) for more information about the estate.

[NI0274] {HEKR} Thelma died as a result of burns sustained in a home fire.

[NI0276] LSK report indicates birthdate as 28 January 1883.
Obituary of Lottie Kingsley indicated Inez was from Alvord, Texas.
Reference: Debra Irene Everard

[NI0283] HEKR - Clint Allen KINGSLEY was born premature. After Clint's death, his body was presented to the Missouri Medical School.

[NI0288] {HEKR} Joyce Marie's first husband, Curtis Shelton, served in the Viet Nam War.

[NI0294] Resided at 608 S 6th - Memphis, Texas at time of his death with wife Jo Ann.

Employee of Memphis Compress for over 30 years.

Herman R. "Hiram" served in the US ARMY (Air Corp) during WW II.
Rank - Corporal; Squadron E 350 2nd AAF Unit; Entered 22 Oct 1942 @ Ft. Sill, OK; Discharged - 7 Oct 1945 @ Chanute AFB, Illinois Serial No. 38338323

Hiram was a member of the 1st United Methodist Church and the American Legion.

[NI0302] The family moved to Hall County, Texas in 1907. Mr. Crawford was in the grocery business for some 25 years.

Copy of DEATH CERTIFICATE #1305 {Registrar File No. 1044} - ON FILE!
Photo of headstone @ Fairview Cemetery in Memphis, Texas - ON FILE!!

[NI0303] Place of residence prior to death was - 715 S 6th - Memphis, Texas. Died in Childress on Nov 14, 1968 @ 9:50 pm. Sarah Kate was a member of "Legion Auxillary" and First Baptist Church.

[NI0307] Copy of DEATH CERTIFICATE #0938 (Registrar's File No. 182) ON FILE!

The Grimsley family moved to Hedley about 1914. They lived in Lakeview for a spell while the construction of their house was being completed. According to Mary Alice, they returned to Hedley about the time she started to school.

[NI0308] Copy of DEATH CERTIFICATE #0939 (Registrar's File No. 181) ON FILE!

[NI0312] Originally Dot's first name was Dorothy. She did not like the name Dorothy and petitioned to have her legal name changed to Dot.

[NI0320] Wilota presently resides in Nursing Home in Morton, Texas. {Ref: Alice Jones}
Mary Kingsley's nephew [Nathan] visits Wilota occasionally.

[NI0321] Not sure about surname of Kathryn's husband = Webster OR Latimer

[NI0352] ? Family supposedly came from Spain to Alabama.

[NI0357] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

Owned a drugstore in Tioga, Texas. Johnny's dad {John C} lived with him for a while prior to John C's death in 1914.

[NI0368] [Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

Jeremiah (son of John W. & brother to William Flavious) was in the Civil War and died at age 21 at Camp Douglas in Illinois. Unknown if death was from injury or disease. He left a widow and a young son.
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

Jeremiah (son of John W. & brother to William Flavious) was in the Civil War and died at age 21 at Camp Douglas in Illinois. Unknown if death was from injury or disease. He left a widow and a young son.

[NI0369] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

Birthdate & spouses name obtained fr WFT Vol.3 #3922

[NI0370] [Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

1839 Tippah Co.,MS DEED C-200 John & Cynthia McCarty to John Park
7/12/1839 Witness: B. Bowers Jr, Samuel McNeal

1841 Tippah Co.,MS DEED D-140 James McCarty & wife Nancy, John McCarty & wife Cynthia, William McCarty & wife Arminda, Andrew P. McCarty & wife Mary, Mastin Stringfellow & wife Martha, Giles Hill & wife Mary to Jacob McCarty..... and now held by Mary, widow of Jacob McCarty Sr.

1850 Tippah Co.,MS CENSUS p.416
John McCarty 45 {GA}, Cintha 38 {TN}, Flavious 21 {TN}, Easter 18 {TN},
Mary 14 {TN}, Sarah 13 {MS}, Jacob 12, Jeremiah 9, Nancy 7, Amanda 4,
John 2 1/2

1860 Tippah Co.,MS MORTALITY SCHEDULE - FAMILY No. 23, South Division
Died May 1860, age 55, married and born in Alabama. (1850 census recorded birth in Georgia).
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

1839 Tippah Co.,MS DEED C-200 John & Cynthia McCarty to John Park
7/12/1839 Witness: B. Bowers Jr, Samuel McNeal

1841 Tippah Co.,MS DEED D-140 James McCarty & wife Nancy, John McCarty & wife Cynthia, William McCarty & wife Arminda, Andrew P. McCarty & wife Mary, Mastin Stringfellow & wife Martha, Giles Hill & wife Mary to Jacob McCarty..... and now held by Mary, widow of Jacob McCarty Sr.

1850 Tippah Co.,MS CENSUS p.416
John McCarty 45 {GA}, Cintha 38 {TN}, Flavious 21 {TN}, Easter 18 {TN},
Mary 14 {TN}, Sarah 13 {MS}, Jacob 12, Jeremiah 9, Nancy 7, Amanda 4,
John 2 1/2

1860 Tippah Co.,MS MORTALITY SCHEDULE - FAMILY No. 23, South Division
Died May 1860, age 55, married and born in Alabama. (1850 census recorded birth in Georgia).

[NI0374] [Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

Initials = F.M. or F.E. ?
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

Initials = F.M. or F.E. ?

[NI0379] [Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

Year of birth = 1844 or 1845 ?
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

Year of birth = 1844 or 1845 ?

[NI0385] SRC:

[NI0391] [Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

Lawrence County, Alabama MARRIAGE INDEX gives Arminda's name as:
Arminda R. McVay
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

Lawrence County, Alabama MARRIAGE INDEX gives Arminda's name as:
Arminda R. McVay

[NI0402] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

Some records indicate Elizabeth's last name as: Murry

[NI0403] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

Some records show middle inital as "J"

[NI0404] [Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

Year of birth = 1839 or 1841 ?
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

Year of birth = 1839 or 1841 ?
Some records show middle initial as "A"

[NI0416] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

WFT Vol.3 #3922 = Shows Mary McCarty's middle name as JANE.

[NI0417] [Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

?Doctor (DDR)
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

WFT Vol.3 #3922 indicates William was a DOCTOR.

[NI0421] Some records indicate middle name: Bluford

[NI0427] From the report "Marriages - Georgia to 1850", Emily Beall is listed as EMELINE BEALLE. Spouse (John GARDNER) and date of marriage are same as indicated in LDKRecords (April 11, 1822 in Warren County, Georgia).

[NI0430] Amy Miller's records indicate first name spelled MANNAM. Her records also indicate d of b as 1738 @ Prince George County, Maryland..

[NI0432] Sterling GARDNER was a Revolutionary War soldier. Source: "Genealogy" Book by Grant James Anderson, Pub.1909 by Whittet & Shepperson, Printers - Richmond, VA.

[NI0440] Resided in Greene County, Georgia about 1795.
Moved to Upson County, Georgia about 1821.
Shown as James Hightower on Walker Genealogy.
Shown as James "Albert" Hightower on Janet Ricke Genealogy.

[1713] [S26] History of Upson Co., GA - Author: Nottingham, Carolyn (Walker). Hannah, Evelyn. Publ: J.W. Burke Co., Macon, GA, c 1930, reprinted 1982
REPOSITORY: Allen County Public Library - 900 Webster Street, P.O.Box 2270
Internet address:
NOTE: [1714] Pages 255, 265, 372, 919, 920
From pages 919, 920:
James Hightower was living in Upson County prior to its organization in 1824, as his name is mentioned as foreman of its first grand jury, and as one of its first road commissioners. He owned many slaves and large tracts of land in the eastern part of the county, also owning and operating on Tobler Creek, one of the first grist and flour mills in this section. Here he reared a large family, though few of his descendents are living in Upson County today.

That James Hightower was one of Upson's pioneer Methodists is shown by the fact that in a deed, recorded in 1829, he is mentioned as one of the trustees purchasing land for the Methodist Society of Upson County, and, in 1837, is mentioned in an Act of the General Assembly, as one of the incorporators of Upson Camp Ground.
NOTE: [1719] The following is a true copy of the family record in the Bible of James Hightower (1777-1851, made from photostats of the original pages. The Bible is owned by Mrs. G. Pope Huguley, of Atlanta, Ga. Following the record, I have added a few notes to explain parts of the record which would not be clearly
understood by one having only the Bible record as written.


James Hightower was born January 11th, 1777.
Betsey Leggett was born July the 7th 1783.
Charnal Hightower was born October the 7th 1800
Polly Campbell Hightower was born Oct. 14th 1803.
James Mellard Hightower was born Oct. 13th 1805.
John Judge Hightower was born May the 9th 1808.
Milley Arnold Hightower was born Nov. 25th 1811.
Daniel Hightower was born Feb. 14th 1814.
Betsey Hightower was born July 16th 1816.
David Clements Hightower was born Nov. 18th 1818.
Harriett Ann Hightower was born March, 18th 1821.
The infant that died was born Sept 22, 1823.
Albinah Caroline Hightower was born August 1st A D 1826.
Elizabeth C. Hightower was born June 27th 1822 (*).
James M. Hightower was born March 1 1824 (*).


James Hightower and Betsey Leggett were married March 28th 1799.


Thomas Hightower Sr departed this life Sept 22nd, 1803.
James Leggett Jr. departed this life Nov. 25th, 1807.
James Leggett Senr. departed this life Oct. 2nd 1808.
Charnal Hightower Departed this life Oct 7th, 1824.
Polley C. Cowles Departed this life Sept 15th 1824.
David C Hightower departed this life August 8th day, 1839.
Charlotte Hightower wife of John J. Hightower departed this life A D 1841.
John J Hightower departed this life A D 1843.
Harriet A. Pitts departed this life June 4th A D 1847.
Caroline Hightower wife of James M. Hightower departed this life 24th May A D 1847.
Mary E. Evans daughter of James M. Hightower departed this life July A D 1847.
Dr. S. P. Ivey departed this life Sept 25th 1852.
James Hightower departed this life March the 25th A D 1851.
Daniel Hightower departed this life Augst the 28th A. D. 1853.
Albina C. Dozier departed this life October the 16th A D 1857.

The above record is copied as nearly like the original as can be done with a typewriter, with punctuation, spelling and capitalization exact.

(*) NOTES: Elizabeth C. and James M. Hightower, whose births are entered after that of Albinah, who was born earlier, were the children of Charnal, who died Oct. 7, 1824. Their mother remarried about 1827 and the Hightower grandparent took the children and reared them.

Dr. S. P. Ivey was the first husband of Albinah Caroline. She later married John Dozier. The spelling "Mellard" in entry of James Mellard Hightower is probably an error, as the family and records always used the name "Millard" when the middle name was used.

Entries in this Bible up to 1819 are all entered in very fine script by the same hand--probably done soon after purchase of the book by an expert penman. Late entries are in different handwriting, varying with the different times.

Atlanta, Georgia, September 1, 1954
Walter A. Walker

Ref: Hazel Betty Hightower Smith, Sonia Hightower Hetherington, Gary Douglas Jensen, James Hightower Family Bible
WILL ABSTRACT: James Hightower
Wife: Elizabeth
Sons: James M. Hightower, Daniel Hightower and John J. Hightower
Daughters: Amelia Holt, Elizabeth White and Albina Ivey
Witnesses: Alvis Stafford, James Anderson, Reuben W. Blalock
Executors: James M. Hightower, Daniel Hightower
Dated: October 6, 1849 Probated: May 4, 1853

[NI0451] Moved to Greene County, Georgia about 1795. Moved to Upson County, Georgia about 1821. Revolutionary War Soldier. Burial at DAR#415734.

[NI0461] In 1780 was in Lunenburg County, Virginia (Ref. 101-KK,Inc.)
North Farnham Parish Register, Virginia - pg 93
Births - Hightower, William (Child of John & Mary - July 20, 1720)
pg 94 Marriage - Hightower, William married Susannah Hanks (Oct 12, 1743)

WILL BOOK 2X, page 73: Summary of the Will of William Hightower, Parish of Nottoway: NAMES:
Wife: Susannah Children: John, Mary, William, Thomas, Daniel, Betty, Stephen, Susannah and Presley
Executors: Brothers - Joh, Joshua & George
Witnesses: Ann Hightower, Jenny Thorn and Mary Hightower
Will Made: 16 May 1764 Will Proved: 27 Sept 1764

Transcription of the last will:
In the name of God Amen, I William Hightower of the Parish of Nottaway & County of Amelia, being of a very weak & low constitution of Body but in perfect sense & memory of mind, Thanks be to Almighty God, do make & ordain this my last Will & Testament, disanuling other Wills whatsoever; And I do appoint my three brothers, John, Joshua and George Hightower to be my Executors of this my last Will & Testament & all that it hath been in the Lords will to endow me with, I give and dispose of in manner following:

Item - First of all I give & bequeath my Spirit into the hands of the Almighty God that gave it and my Body to be buried in a Christian like manner at the discretion of my Executors.

Item - I lend to my dear beloved wife Susannah Hightower during her widowhood or life the plantation whereon I now live & one negro Fellow named Harry also one negro wench named Nann and the cattle, hogs & sheep & household furniture.

Item - I leave the land in Lunenburgh and two negroes one fellow named Tomboy & one wench named Frank to be sold by my executors to discharge my debts.

Item - I leave the land that I have lent my wife after her time to be sold by my Executors and the money with all the Goods & chattels & negroes I now own except the two I have left to be sold & shall raise from this time til the division to be equally divided among my dear beloved children John, Mary, William, Thomas, Daniel, Betty, Stephen, Susannah, Presley and if either of them should die before they come of a proper age their part or parts to be divided among all the Remainders.

Item - If Martins Land should ever come into my Estate I leave it to be sold by my executors and I leave all the horses except the white mare & the black one to be sold by my Executors.
As witness my hand this 16th day of May 1764.
William Hightower {Seal}
Teste: Ann Hightower, Jenny Thorn, Mary Hightower

At a court held for Amelia County the 27th day of Sept 1764 This WILL was proved by the court by the oaths of Ann Hightower, Jenny Thorn and Mary Hightower the Witnesses thereto sworn by () Joshua & George Hightower two of the Executors therein () named & ordered to be Recorded & on the motion of the said () Executors who entered into & acknowledged Bond with John Hightower & Charlie Williams their Security as the law directs Certificate was granted them for obtaining probation in due form.
Test: T. G. Peachy


[NI0471] Moved about 1748 to Amelia County, Virginia, on Hurricane Creek, near Blackstone in present Nottoway County, Virginia.

Last Will & Testament, dated Oct. 16, 1761 is in WILL BOOK 2X, page 72, Amelia County, Virginia (Lists children except Rebeckah)

[NI0473] [Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

Birthday = January 10, 1722
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

Birthday = January 10, 1722

[NI0474] ** May have died in Marengo County, Alabama.{Source: James A. Hightower}

[NI0481] Last Will dated April 14, 1726, proved August 22, 1726. [ Will Book 5, Pg. 14-17, Richmond County, Virginia.]

[NI0484] Ref: {James A. Hightower - Pensacola, Florida} Indicates "Austin" Hightower was born in Chatham, North Carolina. Austin listed in July 25, 1746 court record in Brunswick County, Virginia. Bought 640 acres of land in Orange County, NC in 1755. Granted land on Morgan Creek by John, Earl of Granville, in 1762.

Ref: "Precious Memories" by Dona M. Eason, bk publ 1989 [p.48]

Ref: Hazel Hightower Smith - Las Cruces, New Mexico

[NI0487] SOURCES: Records submitted by Dena Nelle Thomas of Alpharetta, Georgia.
(email: Thomas records indicate 2nd child - John Hightower, b.1745; d.Oct 1826; married EMILY CLARKE, Nov.05, 1823 @ Warren County, Kentucky.

Ref: Birth Record recorded in North Farnham Parish Church Register at Warsaw, Virginia.

[NI0488] Copy of will for THOMAS BRYANT Senior ONFILE. Source - Nancy Jones Crawford.{The Will of Thomas Bryan - Richmond County, Virginia - Will Book 4, page 97}

[NI0492] [1980] Will Abstract
[1981] [S26] History of Upson Co., GA
[1982] Page 255: John J. Hightower
Wife: Sophia
Children's names not given.
Witnesses: Milton Reviere, Francis Reviere, William J. Willis
Executors: His father, James Hightower, Sr.; His brother,
James M. Hightower
Dated 1843. Recorded 1844.

[1983] [S26] History of Upson Co., GA
[1984] Pages 251, 255, 265

[NI0497] James William was known as "Captain BIlly".

[NI0506] Possible father of Thomas E. Stricklin = W. T. Stricklin (?)

G.J.E. BOOK - Indicates surname as STRICKLAND. Other sources indicate STRICKLIN.

[NI0509] [Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

Black Creek Baptist Church in Alabama.
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

Black Creek Baptist Church in Alabama.

[NI0517] [Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

Buried at Fairmouth Cemetery, San Angelo, Texas.
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

Buried at Fairmouth Cemetery, San Angelo, Texas.

[NI0522] Sources: Lawrence Scott KINGSLEY
Ray Lorance - 710 Westview Dr - Roseburg, Oregon 97470.
Debra Irene Everard - email: everard@infi.nett

In genealogy report by LSK, indicates James Monroe was known as Jim.
From obituary of Lottie Kingsley - indicates James was formerly of Mt Park, Oklahoma.

Source: = Indicates nickname "Cox".

[NI0523] Sources:
1)Lawrence Scott KINGSLEY
2)Via LSK obituary of Lottie Kingsley - Jake formerly of Butler, Oklahoma.
3)Webpage of Debra Irene Everard - 5301 Macchonanchy St - Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464; (757) 479 5347; email: everard@infi.nett

[NI0524] L S K Genealogy data indicates Fannie's name as Fannie Pearl Kingsley.

[NI0534] Found following pedigree:
1) George Shook
m. ?
2) Noah Shook
m. ?
3) Charles Noah Shook
m. ?
4) Noah W. Shook
Charles Abraham Shook

Not sure if it is the correct family. Fannie Pear Kingsley married Charles Abram Shook. Could possibly be the Charles "Abraham" Shook listed above and the middle name was misspelled.

[NI0535] Barry, Texas is near Navarro. Just a "spot" in the road.

[NI0538] Occupation: Medicine & Nursing
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[NI0539] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

Both Alvin & wife Ida are buried @ Rule, TX..

[NI0559] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

Attended college @ Weatherford, OK. BA degree in Physical Education but never taught. Works for "Feist Publications" out of Oklahoma City.

[NI0565] Source: Galveston Daily News - triple homicide (Aaron, J M, Elder Henry Hurley), Sept 14, 1869. [rcvd fr Bill McCarty, g-grandson of James M McCarty]

[NI0626] [Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

First name: Lewis OR Louis?
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

First name: Lewis OR Louis?

[NI0672] [Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

Some records show name: Gipsy Elena McCarty
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

Some records show name: Gipsy Elena McCarty

[NI0690] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

Birthdate obtained fr WFT Vol.3 #3922

[NI0712] [Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

First name: ?James OR Joseph?
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

First name: ?James OR Joseph? (WFT Vol.3 #3922 shows JAMES)

[NI0727] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

Census: 1900 - Liberty County, Texas Soundex Pct #2 Sheet 1 Line 10
Vol 74 ED 3 = Marcus McCarty 33 {7/1866} MS, Maggie 29 {1/1871} TX, Nancy E. 67 {7/1832} TX [GA], James E. 1 {1/1899} TX

[NI0741] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

Died on the way to the hospital in Paris, Texas.

Cloid came to Indian Territory sometime in 1893, located in Antlers, Oklahoma.

An interview of Cloid's life was related to a reporter working on W P A Project in 1938 and is on record at "Historic Society, Oklahoma State Capitol".

[NI0747] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

Ben was FIRST REPRESENTATIVE of Pushmataha County, Oklahoma.

[NI0748] Bill Cook's McCarty Genealogy indicates Antlers, Oklahoma was in CHOCTOW NATION.

Meg McCarty of Waco reports Roxanna died July 10, 1897.

[NI0774] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

From a Family Bible of Major Harrison McCarty (David's dad), William McCarty & family left Mississippi between 1852-1857.

[NI0891] Lineages Inc. ORG in Salt Lake City, Utah indicate Mary's given name is: Willie Mae Hollis.

[NI1167] Census Records, SC, 1820-1830, indicate death of Jeremiah Kingsley, wife Winnefred Kingsley surviving. (Refer to p.4 & 5 of Sally Rucidlo Documents)

[NI1176] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

Buried @ Hudson Cemetery, ? (no stone))

1850 Tippah Co.,MS CENSUS p.492
Hugh B. McCarty 28 {AL), Mary 21 {NC}, Benjamin 3 {MS}, Joseph N. 1 {MS}

1850 Tippah Co.,MS Circuit Court: Hugh B. McCarty JURY DUTY[Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

Buried @ Hudson Cemetery, ? (no stone))

1850 Tippah Co.,MS CENSUS p.492
Hugh B. McCarty 28 {AL), Mary 21 {NC}, Benjamin 3 {MS}, Joseph N. 1 {MS}

1850 Tippah Co.,MS Circuit Court: Hugh B. McCarty JURY DUTY
Came to Texas between 1870-1872.

[NI1278] Ora and Clyde Grimsley divorced ?.

Ora was a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN). She resided in Groom and was associated with Groom Hospital from 1953-1961. Ora returned to Hedley in 1961.

The HOGUE family moved to Hedley in 1914 at about the same time the Grimsley family came to Hedley.

[NI1352] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

Information obtained/compiled by Meg McCarty of Waco, Sept. 1975.
Census information obtained from: U. S. CENSUS as follows:
1850 Tippah County, Mississippi (for William Ira)
1850 Oktibbeha, Mississippi (for Philia)
1860, 1870, 1880 Pike County, Arkansas

[NI1384] Information on Hightower Geneology obtained from:
James A. Hightower
6430 Dunlieth Place
Pensacola, Florida 32504-7818
Locator: Prodigy: NWJM58A AOL:JHTOMCAT & KKN CD-ROM #01
Phone: (850) 477-3044 Home

Hightower GEDCOM File (Ref.#6269, 6270, 6271) indicate date of birth as July 27, 1831. Hightower GEDCOM File (Ref.#42879): Marriage ceremony performed by O. C. Gibson, M.G.

Anderson GENEALOGY BOOK [Anderson--Owen--Beall--Families] indicates Mary Maria's date of birth as August 27, 1831. {p.107}

[NI1397] WILL: 1842 (Hightower GEDCOM Ref.#1700 & 1701
WILL ABSTRACT: John J. Hightower {History of Upson Co, GA - p 255}
Wife: Sophia
Children: names not given
Witnesses: Milton Reviere, Francis Reviere, William J. Willis
Executors: His father, James Hightower SR.; His brother, James M. Hightower
Dated: 1843 Recorded: 1844

1850 Census for Upson County, Georgia - indicates John Judge's children shown living with James Hightower and wife (John Judges parents).

[NI1457] John Hightower (Hitower) came to the colonies to Virginia, in 1653, aboard the "Friendship".

[NI1458] Ref: Anderson GENEALOGY Book, p.109, "Beall Ancestry" indicates date of birth for Obadiah as 28 August 1853.

[NI1459] Ref: Anderson GENEALOGY BOOK [p.107] indicates date of birth for James Wood as November 10, 1854.

[NI1461] {James A. Hightower - Pensacola, Florida} Indicates that Martha married Austin Hightower 1748 in Brunswick, Virginia.

Ref: Oldham Genealogical Database I05353 []

[NI1539] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

In late 1899, Crystal's parents and two older sisters stopped for a rest break while traveling from Hico, Erath County, Texas in a covered wagon with their farm animals .... going to old Greer County, Oklahoma Territory, to make their land claim. The sisters (Vera & Jewel) were responsible for care of baby Crystal. After the rest stop and traveling a short distance, they realized the baby had been left behind. They returned and retrieved the baby & continued on their journey. Crystal didn't learn of this incident until just several years ago when Vera told her about it.[Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

[Meyer Family.FTW]

In late 1899, Crystal's parents and two older sisters stopped for a rest break while traveling from Hico, Erath County, Texas in a covered wagon with their farm animals .... going to old Greer County, Oklahoma Territory, to make their land claim. The sisters (Vera & Jewel) were responsible for care of baby Crystal. After the rest stop and traveling a short distance, they realized the baby had been left behind. They returned and retrieved the baby & continued on their journey. Crystal didn't learn of this incident until just several years ago when Vera told her about it.

[NI1647] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

Birthdate & spouse's name obtained fr WFT Vol.3 #3922

[NI1708] Bill Cook's report indicates Martha was born in Pike County, Arkansas.

[NI1836] Bobby Gene Robinson called Bettie (Betty) Lee Hollis "Granny". Bobby was in the Navy in Hawaii May 12, 1969 when Granny died. (WFT Vol.7 #3591)

[NI1915] WFT Vol.7 #3591 Robinson, Thompson, Belcher of TX,AL 1690-1996
(This is the source of my information about Henry Marion Thompson & Family)

[NI1933] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

WFT Vol.7 #3591
Guy Robinson (Ruby Thompson's husband) - Served in US Army - WW 2. Stationed in New Guinea. Sailed home on USS KLIPFONTAINE. Was Knox City ISD Tax-Assessor/Collector for many years. Served on KC school board. Died of emphysema.

[NI1989] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

Last name: Myers OR Myres?

[NI2006] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

WFT Vol.3 #3922 - Mary Ethel was burned to death as a child when her dress caught on fire.

[NI2036] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

WFT Vol.3 #3922 = M.D. died in an accident while delivering ice. His vehicle stalled on a railroad trach and was hit by a train.

[NI2038] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

WFT Vol.3 #3922 - Vera lived in Richardson, Texas in 1990 and provided an inquirer with leads on McCarty genealogy.

[NI2056] [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 3, Ed. 1, Tree #3922, Date of Import: Dec 19, 1998]

Isaac Daniel Inmon was born January 9 1851 in Weakley Co, Tn, the son of Isaac and Nancy H. Faught Inmon. They family moved to Ozark, Mo in Christian Co before 1855 and on to Texas in 1865, settling in Pilot Point when he was about 14 years old. The article below was taken from the book "Fort Worth and the Texas Northwest"
Isaac Daniel Inmon. Achievements of a practical and substantial nature are credited to Isaac Daniel Inmon of Denton County, and perhaps the best of all has been the results of his work as a farm and ranch developer at his present attractive place eleven miles northwest of Krum.
Mr. Inmon was born in Giles County, Tn (Weakly Co) a son of Isaac Inmon, who at the close of the Civil war accompanied the family to Denton County, Tx, and followed his trade as a carpenter at Pilot Point until his death in 1873. The Inmons have been prominent and well known in this section of Texas for more than half a century. A brother of Isaac D. Inmon is Joseph M. Inmon of Denton, whose career is also sketched in this publication.
Isaac Daniel Inmon was a child when his parents moved to southwestern Missouri and located at the town of Ozark in Christian County. He acquired his early education there and was still only fourteen years of age when the family came to Texas. His people were not wealthy, and as soon as possible it devolved upon him to do for himself and he has absorbed most of his practical education without the aid of schools.
His brother and brother-in-law were blacksmiths at Pilot Point, and Isaac D. went to work in their shop at the age of fifteen and stayed there until he finished his trade. His father also did his carpenter work in the same shop. Mechanical ability is practically native to the Inmon family. After learning his trade ID Inmon went to Callahan County, Tx and conducted a shop of his own for four years. He located there just before Christmas in 1889, and remained there four years. His next home was at Bloomfield in Cooke County, where he conducted a shop two years, and then bought a farm two miles west of the village. For two years he worked at his shop on the farm, and then gave his time and energies completely to the far.
In November, 1913, Mr. Inmon moved to his present locality in Denton County, in the vicinity of Slidel. The land he bought was all pasture, and he and his family lived in tents until his first home could be built. The farm is a part of the Judge JA Carroll estate on the William Roebuck Survey. His residence and his barn mark some of the most generous and substantial improvements of the community. Two deep wells provide a copious supply of water for domestic and stock purposes. He has also constructed several miles of wire fencing and has brought almost three hundred acres under cultivation, chiefly to grain. His cattle are high grade Shorthorns, and he keeps a flock of Merino sheep partly to clean out the weeds from his pasture and also for the profit of their wool clip. Mr Inmon has been working for himself more than half a century, and his material accumulations are represented by a ranch of more than eight hundred acres, regarded as one of the most desirable stock and general farms in Denton County.
While living in Cooke County he served as trustee of the Breedlove School District, where his children were chiefly educated. He has no ambition in a political way. He supported the democratic party candidates for many years, casting his first vote for Horace Greeley in 1872 and the last for Grover Cleveland, but since then his allegiance has been with the Socialist party.
In the Bloomfield neighborhood of Cooke County, Mr. Inmon on January 16, 1879 married Miss Malinda Montgomery. Her father, Jeff C. Montgomery, came from Missouri to Texas and married Ann Jones, daughter of Reason Jones, one of the earliest settlers in the Bloomfield locality, and a man of exceptional prominence, whose lifework has been sketched elsewhere. Jeff Montgomery served as a Confederate soldier, and after the war located near Bloomfield, on part of the Jones headright, where he lived out his life. He was the father of three sons and four daughters: Mrs Inmon, who was born on the Jones headright in 1857; Fannie, wife of Isom Mikiel, living in Cooke County; Robert Montgomery, of Durant, Oklahoma; Edward, of Wichita Falls; Alonzo, a farmer in the Breedlove Community; Lela, who died as Mrs. Earl Sipes; and Ada, wife of Emerson Parsons, living at Lois in Cooke County.
In their declining years Mr and Mrs Inmon have around and near them both children and grandchildren. Otis, their oldest child, a farmer near the homestead, married Pheobe Bates and has a daughter, Lorene. Homer, also on the home farm, married Eva Walker, and their children are Ray, Ethel and Earnest. The next in age is Miss Ethel, at home. James C. Inmon, a farmer in the home community, married Jessie South and has a son, JC, Jr; Earl, the youngest, also active on the home ranch, married Myrtle Flowers and has a daughter, Nellie.

[NI2058] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

WFT Vol.3 #3922 = Allen Ray died @ Carswell AFB in Ft Worth with heart attack. Buried @ Plainview Cemetery in Denton County. Was a cook in army - stationed @ several posts in the states, including Alaska. Also served a tour of duty in Germany & Korea.
Occupation: MILITARY {Sgt. US Army}

[NI2112] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 3, Ed. 1, Tree #3922, Date of Import: Dec 19, 1998]

Zula and her husband, Troy, lived in Houston and in Porter, Tx and had moved back to their childhood area a year or two before they died, Zula in 1990 and Troy in 1994. Troy had married again just a month or so before he died.

Their third child, Clinten, was stillborn.

[NI2152] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

Census: 1860 Houston County, Texas 6/18/1860 PO Randolph Beat1 No.2
p.44 Entry 280-259
Flavious McCarty {farmer} 31 MS, Nancy {housewife} 28 MS, Cinthia 3 TX, Sarah 1/2 TX

Census: 1870 Desha County, Arkansas, Redford Township p.7 line 23
Entry # 80-80
Wm. Flavious McCarty 41 MS, Nancy E. 37 GA, Sarah E. 14 TX, Cynthia 13 TX, Nancy Caroline 9 MS, Wm. L. 7 MS, Marcus L. 6 {4} MS, Jessie 1 TN

Census: 1880 Erath County, Texas Vol 11 ED151 Sheet 40 Line41 Pct#3
FW McCarty 50 MS, Nancy E. 47 GA, Nancy C. 19 MS, Marcus L. 12 {14} MS, Barbara Alice 8 MS
{{Sarah & Cynthia apparently married, Jessie died, & Wm L either out on his own or deceased.}} WFT Vol.3 #3922

[NI2153] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 3, Ed. 1, Tree #3922, Date of Import: Dec 19, 1998]

Nancy Elizabeth Dowdy was born in July 1832 in Monroe Co, Ga, the daughter of William and Margaret Myres/Myers Dowdy. The family moved to Walker Co, Al in 1834, where William received a land grant, section 29, Township 13, Range 5 on January 15, 1836. He was on the Walker Co. Al Tax Roll (beat 14) in 1840. Very little is known concerning Nancy Elizabeth's early years, but she was in Texas in 1852 when she married William Flavious McCarty in Palestine, Anderson Co.

Census: 1850-Alabama, Walker Co 11th district page 294
#351-351 William Dowda/Dowdy Ga 50
Margaret Ga 43
Nancy Ga 21 (18)
Margaret Ga 19
Melissa Ga 17

Census: 1860-Texas, Houston Co 6/18/1860 PO Randolph BEA1 No 2
page 44 Entry 280-259
Flavious McCarty 31 Farmer Ms
Nancy 28 Houswife Al
Cinthia 3 Tx
Sarah 1/2 Tx

Census: 1870-Arkansas, Desha Co, Redfork Tkownship Pg 7 line 23
Entry # 80-80
Wm. Flavious McCarty 41 Ms
Nancy E. 37 Ga
Sarah E. 14 Tx
Cynthia 13 Tx
Nancy Caroline 9 Ms
Wm L. 7 Ms
Marcus L. 6(4) Ms
Jessie 1 Tn

Census: 1880-Texas, Erath Co Vol 11 ED151 Sheet 40 Line41 Pct#3
FW McCarty 50 Ms
Nancy E. 47 Ga
Nancy C. 19 Ms
Marcus L. 12(14) Ms
Barbara Alice 8 Ms
Sarah and Cynthia apparently married, Jessie died, & Wm L either on his own or died.

Census: 1900-Texas, Liberty Co. Soundex Pct #2 Sheet 1 Line 10
Vol 74 ED 3
Marcus McCarty 33 7/1866 Ms
Maggie 29 1/1871 Tx
Nancy E. 67 7/1832 Tx(Ga)
James E. 1 1/1899 Tx

Nancy Elizabeth Dowdy McCarty died in 1901 and it is not known where she is buried.[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

WFT Vol.3 #3922 = Provides info on Nancy. Dowdy family moved to Walker County, Alabama in 1834 where William Dowdy received a land grant (Section 29, Township 13, Range 5) on January 15, 1836. Mr. Dowdy was on Walker County TAX ROLL (Beat 14) in 1840. Little is known about Nancy's early years but she was in Texas in 1852 when she married William Flavious McCarty in Palestine, Anderson County, Texas.

Liberty County, Texas 1900 Census Vol.74 ED 3, Pct #2, Sheet 1, Line 10 indicated Nancy was living with son Marcus & his wife Maggie. [WFT Vol.3 #3922]

[NI2157] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 3, Ed. 1, Tree #3922, Date of Import: Dec 19, 1998]

*William Dowdy was born circa 1800 in SC, the son of Robert Dowdy. He had moved to Hall Co (later Monroe Co), Ga by 1821 where he received a land grant. He married Margaret Myers/Myres on March 27, 1823 in Hall/Monroe Co. The family had moved to Walker Co. Al by 1834 and William received a land grant there , Section 29, Township 13, Range 5 on January 15, 1836. He was on the Walker Co, Al tax roll for 1840 and on the 1850 census for that county. Two of his children had married by 1850 and William and his family, including his married children and their families, along with their in-laws decided to head for Texas and was in Cherokee Co in 1851 at the Mt. Beaulah community. His daughter, Nancy E., met and married Wm. Flavious McCarty in December of 1852 in Anderson Co, adjacent to Cherokee Co. By 1859, William Dowdy had settled in the Ratcliff area in Houston Co and on the 1860 Census there. He and Margaret were charter members of the Antioch Primitive Baptist Church. William paid taxes in 1866 that were levied in 1862 in Houston Co and that is the last record that I have of him. He was not on the 1870 Census, so I am assuming he died before then.

Census: 1850 Alabama-Walker Co 11th district Page 294
#351-351 William Dowda/Dowda Ga 50
Margaret Ga 43
Nancy Ga 21(18)
Margaret Ga 19
Melissa Ga 17

Census: 1860 Texas--Houston Co
William Dowdy SC 52
Margaret Ga 55

William's son, Marcus, and daughters, Barbara and Nancy Elizabeth, with their families were also on the 1860 Texas Census for Houston Co.
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

Census: 1850 Walker County, Alabama, 11th District p.294 #351-351
William Dowda/Dowdy 50, Margaret 43, Nancy 21 {18}, Margaret 19, Melissa 17 [indicated all were fr Georgia]

[NI2161] [Hightower - Kingsley - Meyer - McCarty.FTW]

Some records show name as: John C. McCarty
[Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

Some records show name as: John C. McCarty

[NI2167] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 3, Ed. 1, Tree #3922, Date of Import: Dec 19, 1998]

Taken from "History of Parker Co, Tx" published by Parker Co Historical Commission 1980

Dr. Robert Montgomery

Dr Robert Montgomery's life was ended after about ten short years in Parker but he left his mark in the history of Parker County and many offspring.

Montgomery was born in 1797 in North Carolina, believed to be the son of John M. Montgomerie (of Ireland) and his Scottish wife whose maiden name was Moore.

Robert lived near Giles County, Tn in the 1820's. With his first wife he had one son and three daughters. The son, William Carroll, came to Texas in 1859 and was the first County Treasurer of Childress County.

Robert married Malinda Duff in Crawford County, Mo in 1832. Eight children were born to this couple including the oldest, Josephus Newton, who came to Parker County in 1855 and Jefferson Carroll who went to Cooke County.

Robert Montgomery represented Pulaski and Wright Counties in the Missouri legislature from 1838-1848, and served as a doctor from Missouri to Texas, relying principally on such medical guides as Gunn's Domestic Medicine or Poor Man's friend, In the Hours of Affliction, and pain and sickness. (1835)

Eventually, he settled in the Carter Community of Parker Co, purchasing land joining Newton and Drucella (Vardy) Canafax with their three small children. Newton returned from the Civil War very ill and died in 1864.

Robert married the young widow in June of 1865. He was 68, and she, 26. Three children, Cynthia, Lee Davis, and Galena were born in Parker County.

Dr. Montgomery was the doctor for the Carter Community, farmed his own land, raised cattle and horses, and was one of the founders of the second Methodist Church in Parker County at Cartersville.

On his wife's 32nd birthday, March 4 1871, Robert was murdered at the front gate to his home near Carter by a man who he thought stole the beautiful black horse he had recently purchased from General John Magruder. A large reward was offered, and in 1877 Texas Rangers John Armstrong and Diggs killed the man when he resisted arrest in Wilson county, Tx. Robert is buried in the Canafax Cemetery at Carter with Newton Canafax and son, John.

Drucella, saddened by losing another husband so soon and with six small children to care for, stayed in Parker County until 1886 when she moved her family to Eastland County. It was there on September 9, 1927, that she died at the age of 88 and is buried in the Cross Plains Cemetery along with several of her children. By Mary Montgomery McClurg (g-g granddaughter)

[NI2169] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 3, Ed. 1, Tree #3922, Date of Import: Dec 19, 1998]

January 19, 1995 By Betty Inmon Carson

So far as records show presently, John M Montgomery was born in Ireland and married a Miss Moore from Scotland. They apparently came to America soon after marrying, arriving in North Carolina (assumed) as all their children were born there. Their children were John, William, Robert W., Jefferson, Jesse and Easter Ann. I am descended from both William and Robert W. as Robert W.'s son, Jefferson C. , married William's granddaughter, Mary Angeline Jones. Robert W. and William were active in Missouri politics. Robert came to Texas and William went to California, but died before he could move his family. Most of Robert's family came to Texas, settling in Parker and Wise Co's with the exception of Jefferson C, who married Mary Angeline in Cooke Co. Easter Ann married GW Jones and they came to Kaufman Co. Tx. John came to Parker Co along with Robert and most of his descendents settled there.

[NI2171] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 3, Ed. 1, Tree #3922, Date of Import: Dec 19, 1998]

September 10, 1994

Tommie Carson was born east of Valley View, Tx in Cooke Co, the son of Thomas Archival and Eva Lou Fryer Carson and has lived in the same general area all his life. Below is an excert taken from the book, THE FIRST 100 YEARS IN COOKE COUNTY that gives a brief history of Valley View.

Mr and Mrs LW Lee were the first citizens of the Valley View community, ten miles south of Gainesville. They were childhood sweethearts and schoolmates and were married November 1, 1859, at Prairie Home, Missouri. Ten years later they came to Sherman. Then on February 1, 1870, they drove their ox team to the double log cabin on land that was later the CA Myers farm, at Valley View.
Mrs Lee, in describing the scene, said, "There was not even a path, and grass was as high as a man's head. Mr Lee said we were coming to the frontier. I remarked that it looked very much like the back tier to neighbors, no schools, no churches, no sustenance for soul or body, a veritable wilderness." But the Lees were not long alone. On April 6, 1870, five other families, who were neighbors in Missouri, came to settle on Spring Creek. They were AD Jones, Gilbert French, Richard McCubbin, Andrew Hill and Joseph Reavis and families.
And soon thereafter, R Obuch and family, who had traveled with the Lees from Missouri to Sherman, decided to cast their lot with their old friends in southern Cooke County.
Some of the men in the neighborhood decided to drive a herd of cattle to Missouri for the profit involved. In July, 1870, while the men were away, reports were circulated that Indians were in North Texas killing people and stealing horses.
The Valley View settlers decided to go to the Cross Timbers for protection, but once there, Mrs. Lee longed to return home. She suggested that the men go to Pilot Point for guns and ammunition, the families return to their homes, and guards be placed on duty at night to watch for Indians. This suggestion was followed, and the Indians never came.
In those days it was necessary to go to Gainesville for provisions, mail and other necessities, and sometimes there were long delays when Elm Creek was on a rise since there were no bridges.
Mr. Lee suggested starting a town, and Mrs Lee provided the name Valley View. Mr Lee laid out the townsite early in 1872. Every man was to be given a lot who would build a house and paint it white. Eleven families built houses on whole blocks, and seven on individual lots.
First efforts to obtain a post office were unavailing because of the poor financial condition of the Post Office Department in Reconsturction days, but when Mr Lee volunteered to carry the mail without remuneration, and Richard McCubbin similarly agreed to serve as postmaster, the order went through and the post office was established, March 26, 1872, the date recognized as the beginning of the town.
Mr Lee and Lester Jarvis operated the first store in the loft of a log cabin at the Lee home, reached by a ladder. Mr Lee also built a log blacksmith shop with dirt floor, and there William Johnson taught the first school in 1873. EW Obuch, who lived practically all his life in Valley View, passing away in 1938, was a member of the first school class.
Tommie's Dad, Thomas Archival Carson, migrated to Texas from Williams County, Ohio in 1878, coming in at Sherman. Along with Philo Boardman, he soon came to the Valley View area and settled there, buying the first 100 acres in 1880, then 60 more in 1883. He married Eva Lou Fryer Pilkiton Dobson in 1906 and lived in the Valley View area until he died in 1934.
Tommie married Minnie Leona Tidwell in 1928 and they had 4 children, TJ, Ray, Dee, and Larry.

[NI2173] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 3, Ed. 1, Tree #3922, Date of Import: Dec 19, 1998]

July 8, 1994

Simeon Dee Tidwell was born in Lamar Co. near Honeygrove, Tx on August 20, 1873, the son of Francis Marion and Nannie B Jennings Tidwell. His mother died when he was 8 years old and his father married a Jerusha___? about 1882/83. He dropped the name of Simeon at an early age because his classmates at school would call him "Simeon Suck Egg". His father moved his family, including his grandfather, to the Bolivar/Sanger area before 1891, where his grandfather died. Dee met and married Henrietta "Nettie" Sartin in 1893 whose father, Jesse Sartin, ran a hotel in Bolivar. Dee and Nettie had 6 children- Jesse, Roy, George, Minnie, and twins, AJ and Hattie Mae. Jesse died as an infant and Roy died at age 14, having been kicked in the abdomen by a horse. Dee worked at Curtsingers Store in Bolivar and farmed land Nettie had inherited from her mother. They were members of the church of Christ and Dee and Nettie gave the land to build a church building in Bolivar in 1911. The building is still standing today although it has not been used for several years. Nettie became ill with what doctors said was TB of the bone. The family took her to Tioga and Marlin for treatments with mineral baths that seemed to relieve her somewhat. They did not have a car at that time and a neighbor who had one would take her in his car and go back for her. Neverless, Nettie died in 1914 at the young age of 37. Dee could cook as well as anyone and on the first Thanksgiving Day after Nettie died, he cooked dinner and invited Nettie's family. In 1917 Dee married Ida White Butler, a widow with 2 sons. They lived around Bolivar until 1923, then moved east of Valley View , then on to Davidson, OK in 1928 where he farmed and ran a dairy. He also worked at Tipton Children's Home. Dee died October 32, 1957 in Davidson.

1880 Texas Census-Lamar Co. 055 ED 75

Name age sex state born Father Mother

FM Tidwell 26 m Al Tn Al
Nanny B. 27 f Ky Ky Ky
SD 6 m Tx Al Ky


[NI2175] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 3, Ed. 1, Tree #3922, Date of Import: Dec 19, 1998]

Thomas Archival Carson was born in Pennsylvania, the son of William and Ann Jane Alcorn Carson, on December 11, 1850. As a youth he lived in Williams Co, Ohio and came to Texas in 1878. Below is an article taken from the 1983 edition of the Texas Family Heritage.
Cooke County
Carson's Corner Farm
three miles south of Valley View
Founder: Thomas A. Carson of Pennsylvania
1983 owners: Edward Floyd & Regina Carson, Valley View

Born in Pennsylvania in 1850, Thomas Carson spent most of his youth in Williams County, Ohio, near Montpelier, and later went to northern Michigan to try his luck at being a lumberjack in a pine forest. There, he met Philo Boardman with whom he came to Texas, arriving in Sherman in 1878. In November 1878, Philo Boardman purchased 100 acres of the Edward Bradley Survey, and at first the young TA Carson lived with Mr and Mrs Boardman. The following year, Carson and Enoch Boardman, Philo's son, went to Rochester, Minnesota, and bought a sod plow to turn the tough prairie sod. Together, they drove a team of mules and a wagon with their precious plow from Minnesota to Cooke County, Texas. When this plow was pulled by oxen, it did not successfully turn the prairie sod. A trip to Jefferson, Texas, produced a plow that turned the tough soil, but TA Carson never forgot his disappointment over the plow that he and Enoch Boardman hauled all the way from Minnesota to Texas.
After living with the Boardman's for two years, Thomas Carson bought 100 acres of the Edward Bradley Survey next to Boardman's farm and added 60 more acres in 1883. The present family home, built in 1965, now stands on part of the last 60 acres purchased. He remained a bachelor until 1906 when he married Eva Lou (Fryer) (Pilkiton) Dobson, a widow and divorcee with three children. All of them went to live with Thomas on the farm where they helped him raise cotton, wheat, oats and beef cattle. Eva and Thomas had five children of their own: William Thomas, Pauline, Ernest L., and the twins, Johnny Lloyd and Edward Floyd. The elder Carson built a new home for his family in 1918. The Carsons donated on acre to the consturction of the new school at Elm Grove in 1923, and over the years, the property lines were moved back five times to make way for what is now part of Interstate 35.
Thomas Carson died in 1931, and the operation of the farm was attended to by various family members. Lloyd ran the farm until 1938, when his sister, Pauline and her husband, Jack Hollingsworth, took over. In 1941, Lloyd and his wife, Bethel, took over the farm again until 1946 when they moved to Fort Worth. It was at that time that Edward Floyd (Kit) returned from World War 11 to assume charge of the farm and to take care of his mother. In 1959, after his mother died, Kit bought his brothers' and sisters' interests in the farm and operates it today with his wife, Regina (Mitchell).
A 1939 graduate of Texas A&M University, Kit taught vocational agriculture in Southmayd in Grayson County until he joined the armed force in 1943. In 1956, EF Carson won the Zone 4 Outstanding Conservation Farmer Award for the Upper Elm-Red Soil Conservation District. He married Regina Mitchell in 1959. A graduate of Texas Women's University, Regina taught dance and physical education at TWU, Boston University and Cooke County College. Presently, she teaches at Gainesville State School, a Texas Youth Commission Facility. The Carsons have three children: Evalyn Dean, Mitchell Edward and Jane Grace. Since he has had charge of the farm, Kit has added to the original tract. One hundred and thirty-three acres can be traced back to the original tract of land purchased by the founder. The remaining 254 have been added through the years. The Carsons still grow wheat, milo, oats, hay and beef cattle.
Before his marriage to Eva Fryer Dobson, he lived occasionally with his brother, John Henry Carson in the Vernon area in west Texas. He bought a section of land, 640 acres, on Beaver Creek south of Vernon after his mother died in 1896. But he let it go back sometime after 1900 and returned to the Valley View area. Tom A and Eva were married by a Presbyterian minister--they met him on the road and they were married in their buggy. They gave an acre of land to put the new Elm Grove School on in 1924. He farmed until his arthritis became so bad he couldn't. His son, Tommie, helped to support the family by odd jobs, staying out of school part of the time to do so. He died in 1931.

1860 Ohio Census--Williams Co Florence township pg #24 6/20/1860
Richard Pike 43 (b 1817) Farmer $1000 $300 England
Ann 40 (b 1820) could not read or write Pa
Samuel 6 (b 1854) Oh
Hester J 4 (b 1856) Oh
Catherine 2 (b 1858) Oh
Carson, John H. 15 (b 1844) Pa
William 14 (b 1845) Pa
Thomas 13 (b 1847) Pa
Charles 11 (b 1849) Pa

1880 Texas Census-Cooke County pg 358 ED 117 6/25/1880
Thomas Carson 29 Ohio Ire Pa
enumerated with Philo Boardman

1900 Texas Census-Willbarger Co ED 136
Thomas Carson 12/1857 Ohio
enumerated with Charles Emans, servant.

1910 Texas Census--Cooke Co Pg 266 4/20/1910
Carrison, Thomas A. 55 Ohio Ire Pa
Eva Low 36 Tx Ky Ky
Pilkiton, Bessie 12 Tx Tn Tx
Dobson, Herbert 8 Tx Ga Tx
Carrison, Thomas J 2 Tx Ohio Tx
Pauline 2/12 Tx Ohio Tx

1920 Texas Census--Cooke Co Pg 2 ED 68
Carson, Tom A 67 Ohio
Eva Lou 45 Tx
Tommy W 12 Tx
Pauline 9 Tx
Ernest L 6 Tx
Floyd 3 6/12 Tx
Loyd 3 6/12 Tx
Some of the census' recorded information is not right--in some instances the ages are not correct and the names have been reversed or ages have been reversed.

[NI2177] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 3, Ed. 1, Tree #3922, Date of Import: Dec 19, 1998]

William Carson (possibly named John William or William John) was born in Ireland circa 1815-20, married Ann Jane Alcorn from Scotland and sailed for America in the early 1840's, docking at Philadelphia, Pn. Below is a statement written by a granddaughter, Alta Mae Carson May in the 1970's.
"Grandfather and Grandmother Carson came from Ireland soon after they were married and landed in Philadelphia where my father John Henry Carson was born. They moved to Williams Co, Ohio and bought a farm. 3 more sons were born to them, Thomas Archable, William and Charley (their middle name unknown). Grandfather got the gold fever and went to California to dig for gold he and his pardner took up a mine but grandfather was stricken with summer dysentery and died he never received any benifit from the mine."

[NI2179] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 3, Ed. 1, Tree #3922, Date of Import: Dec 19, 1998]

William Reason Fryer married Louisa Jane McElroy in Scotsville, Kentucky Allen Co.around 1872 and they came to Texas not too long afterwards and settled in the Valley View area. He operaterd a cotton gin, a syrup mill, and a threshing machine. He sold syrup all around the north Texas area. He moved to the Marietta, Ok area around 1900. He died in 1915 and Louisa Jane died in 1917, Both are buried in the Valley View Cemetery.

[NI2183] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 3, Ed. 1, Tree #3922, Date of Import: Dec 19, 1998]

Francis Marion Tidwell, twin son of Simeon Starnes Tidwell, was born July 15, 1853 in Blount Co. Alabama. The family was in Mississippi on the 1860 and 1870 Census in now Alcorn Co around the town of Cointh not too far from the Shiloh Battlefield of Civil War fame. They moved to Texas, settling in Grayson Co. near Paris by 1872 where he married Nannie B. Jennings, the daughter of A. Jackson Jennings and Nancy Gaines Brown. Her father was an Indian Agent at Tahlaqua, OK and Nannie had come to Paris to teach school. They had one child, a son, Simeon Dee, born in 1873. Nannie was only 29 when she died in 1881 after less than 10 years of marriage. Francis Marion married again to Jerusha Robinson by mid 1880's and they had 7 children: Bill, Clifford, Lena, Ada, Stanley, Grace and Harry. The family had moved to the Sanger/Bolivar area by 1891 when Simeon Starnes, Francis' father died. The turn of the century found him in the Wichita Falls, Tx area where he stayed until his death in 1933. I have no information regarding the death of Jeursha, but they are bothe buried in Rosement Cemetary, Wichita Falls.

According to a family source Francis was very bitter towards the Yankee's as their soldiers would steal food from them.

Stanley, son of Francis and Jerusha, was shot by a man over a girl. It was nearly dark and someone saw a man running away, but no one was charged with the killing.

1860 Ms Census--Tishimingo Co. Page 265 (Alcorn Co by 1870)
#1771-1771 Simeon Tidwell 40 Tn
Mary 41 Al
Diannah 17 Al
Nancy 15 Al
Sarah 11 Al
Washington 7 Al
Marion 7 Al
Lowry 1 Ms

1870 Ms Census--Alcorn Co. Page 318 RE PE
Simeon Tidwell 50 Tn
Mary 51 Tn (Al)
Nancy 25 Tn (Al)
Sarah 24 (21) Tn (Al)
Francis 17 Tn (Al)
George 17 Tn (Al)

[NI2244] Twin of Rachel Elizabeth WOOD.

[NI2245] Twin of Andrew Jacob WOOD.

[NI2322] Twin of Sean Taylor HALL.

[NI2323] Twin of Shane Carter HALL.

[NI2345] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 3, Ed. 1, Tree #3922, Date of Import: Dec 19, 1998]

FROM : Bunny Dowdy Bake
Bristow, Ok

Three Dowdy brothers came from England and landed in Cn. One brother stayed in the north and two brothers went soutn-into Kentucky and Tennessee.
They brought an iron kettle with them, supposedly for cooking purposes as the size is about right. This kettle, or pot, has been handed down and is now owned by Ruby Dowdy Holloway who lives in Bristow, Ok. One can look at the kettle and believe how old it is.
The two brothers lived in Tennessee together until the mosquitoes became so bad--one story is they clogged up the horses' noses until one died from not being able to breath,--John Dowdy decided it was time to get away from there so he took his family and they moved to Arkansas, then on to Missouri. Nothing, as far as we know, was ever heard from the other brother after they left Tn. It is possible that neither brother could read nor write, as far as is known, they were all farmers and this wasn't unusual for that day and time.
This summer I received a telephone call from a man named Don Dowdy who lives in Lawton. His ancestors are from the northern region and we feel that maybe he is a descendant of the brother who stayed in the north, but have not been able to confirm this. However, a member of his family is working on their background and if we find a connection each of us have promised to contact the other.

Leonard Dowdy, Ratcliff, Tx has also heard of the above story all his life, except about the kettle.

[NI2394] Bonnie Taft ( indicate Sterling died @ Brooks s County, Georgia.

FamilySearch IGI RECORD indicates "Starling" as spelling for first name.

[NI2551] Ref: {Paul Hightower} Susannah was killed by a Tory in Spartanburg, SC during the American Revolution.

[NI2552] Ref: {Paul Hightower} Jane was a Cherokee Indian. After Thomas Hightower Jr and Jane married, they moved to Warren County, Kentucky.

[NI2558] Source: {Janet & Ken Ricke} [1850 Census, Lowndes Co, GA] Listing: Henry 73; Sallie (Sarah Byrd) 58; Jesse B 21. (Susannah was not listed because she had already married to William C. Newbern.)

Ref: "Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia" {pg 116-117} [Source: Britt Rodgers - Email:] Mr. (Henry) Hightower served briefly in the War of 1812 as a private in a detachment of Georgia militia commanded by Lieutenant William Cooley, in building a fort to protect the Telfair County frontier against indians in 1813. He moved to Telfair County and is found there in the 1820 Census. From there, he moved to Lowndes County in about 1828, and bought land, Lot 15, 11th District, on which he lived until his death. List lot is now in the suburbs of Valdosta. He also owned adjoining Lot 31, and had one or two large plantations on these lands, cultivated by his slaves. Henry died testate in 1858, leaving a will dated 17 Dec 1850, probated 5 April 1858 {Deed Book "D", p. 118-121}. He gave his entire estate to his wife Sarah, with whom he stated in his will he had lived in "strictest peace and quiet for forty years". He mentioned the two children and stated he had already provided for them by giving them "all I could afford to". His wife was named EXECUTRIX of the will.

Ref: Britt Rodgers files indicate Henry died in Lowndes County, Georgia.

[NI2565] Source: {Janet & Ken Ricke - 9213 Gettysburg - Texas City, TX 77591}
John Hightower (s/o Thomas Hightower Jr) m. Rosanna Leeper 1839, 2nd wife. John m. Synthia Collier (3rd wife) 1841 and they had two children.

[NI2569] SOURCE:

[NI2571] Records of Dena Nelle Thomas of Alpharetta, Georgia indicate last name spelled DEWNEY. Also indicate middle name of "Patsey".

[NI2743] Source for much of the Arnold descendant information - David Stielow {email:}}

[NI2766] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

Hightower GEDCOM Ref.# 6267 - Emily's husbands name: WOOD

[NI2770] Shown as Mary Andrews EVANS on Walker Genealogy.

Mary had a sister named Louisiana Virginia ANDREWS.

[NI2774] Birthdate records vary = Feb 7th or Feb 14th
Source: Record of death of William Hanks - "The Hanks Family of Virginia and Westward" by Adin Baber, p.7

[NI2801] G.J. Anderson BOOK indicates d o b as 9 August 1812.

[NI2811] !Gdn papers for Church Sevier County, 1855
On file: 1850 Census Records - TENNESSEE {James SHAHAN 36, Ann 44, Mary 9, Hetty 8, John 6, James 4, Margaret Palmer 18, T T, Se-781-882

[NI2812] Source: Old Family Records {?}

[NI2815] Ref: James A. Shahan and his wife, Martha Jane (Keown), died within 38 hours of each other and were buried at the same hour and grave, each being 83 years of age. Martha was born, married AND died in the same house. [Source: Walker County, Georgia - Villanow Cemetery Records]

Ref: Walker County, Georgia - 1900 Census Index - p 240A: James Shahan, Martha J. Shahan, Exe Shahan, Minda Shahan {Original transcription done by Benton Fletcher}

[NI2819] [Kingsley - McCarty - Meyer Families.FTW]

Emigrated to America abt 1775 & landed at Philadelphia, PA. Lived for a few years near Hunterstown, PA where married Nancy Burney. Moved to the mouth of the Chucky River in East Tennessee, then on to Blount & Sevier Counties.

[NI2831] Ray Lorance (s/o Ted) - 710 Wesview Dr - Roseburg, OR 97470; (503) 673-7930
{HEKR} Ted M. LORANCE died May 5, 1972 at a Nursing Home in Oklahoma City, OK.

[NI2833] {HEKR} In 1975, Marguerite, the wife of WOLFE COBB, lived in Las Vegas, NV. She was working as an IBM Programmer.

[NI2834] {HEKR} In 1975, Ray Napier LORANCE lived in Roseburg, OR., as did his mother, Alice (John) Longozo.

[NI2844] {HEKR} Florence (Roach) Kingsley died in 1918 of flu epidemic. Albert Smith KINGSLEY and wife Florence had three children... who were reared by their grandmother "Lottie" Kingsley in Mountain Park, Oklahoma.

[NI2845] {HEKR} Velma went to Mountain Park, Oklahoma at age 3 to live with her grandmother [Lottie Gardner Kingsley].

[NI2851] {HEKR} Rodney DEVAULT was a TWIN to Ronald. Lived in Richmond, CA.

[NI2853] {HEKR} Rodney DEVAULT was a TWIN to Ronald. Lived in San Jose, CA.

[NI2856] Source: Lawrence Scott KINGSLEY
Data: Elsie Kingsley studied for the ministry at Abilene Christian College.
LSK personal knowledge of Elsey Bratnick - (714) 984-5545 OR 5543 - San Jose, Montclair, California 91763.

[NI2861] Source: Lawrence Scott KINGSLEY

[NI2862] Presently lives in Moab, UTAH.

[NI2875] Child 6,7,8 referred to by funeral announcement of Sara Ann Gilmore, copied by Genera Belle Pickens. {Refer to Lawrence Scott KINGSLEY Genealogy Report}

[NI2876] Notes for James Roach: Personal Knowledge of DON AVERY - Rt.2 Box 82 - Littlefield, TX 79339.

Don Avery reported to LSK that James Roach had a broom factory in Altus and that Donald Avery helped there.

Monroe KINGSLEY reported - When James was widowed, he stayed with mostly Dale in California, but also Monore. Paid for Dale to attend Abilene Christian College and Monroe to Business College.

[NI2878] Source: Lawrence Scott KINGSLEY

[NI2880] Source: Lawrence Scott KINGSLEY
Data: LSK has BIRTH CERTIFICATE. 2nd wife reported to LSK by daughter Isabella Louise Byrnes. Charles residence at birth - 1960 Dean St NYC. He was cremated.

[NI2881] Source: Lawrence Scott KINGSLEY
Data: LSK has BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Isabella McPhail Lawson was cremated.

[NI2887] Source: Lawrence Scott KINGSLEY
Data: Birth entry for Isabella McPhail in Scottish records in Edinbourogh. Born at 5:30 a.m. Passenger list to USA shows wife of James Gowans Lawson (Isabella) at 7 Sterling Street, Dundee, Scotland.

[NI2890] Source: Lawrence Scott KINGSLEY
Marriage notes for Alexander McPhail and Helen Stewart: Copy of marriage entry from Edinburgh Scottish records. Marriage performed "after the forms of the Albion Street Mission Chapel." Alexander is listed as a Private in the 72 Highlanders (Bachelor), address: "military barracks, Aberdeen" and he was 19 at the time.

Helen was listed as "Stuart" but her father John was spelled "Stewart". She was listed as a "flax spinner (spinster)", address: Hardweird, Aberdeen and she was 18 at the time. Her mother was listed as "Maxwell Stewart" with a maiden name of "Reyne". John Stewart was a witness.

[NI2898] Much of the information for Thomas BEALL and his descendants was acquired from "Amy Miller's THOMAS BEALL Genealogy Report"
[Source: Amelia Ann Miller - 5504 McCormick Rd - Durham, NC 27713-2348]
Email: amellia@aol.comm

[NI2933] Westmoreland GEDCOM files indicate - Charles HUMPHRIES, Jr. was born in Johnston County, North Carolina.

[NI2935] FamilySearch - IGI RECORD - Indicates p o b for Sterling as Indian Lands', Lee, Georgia.

[NI2936] {HEKR} Records show d of b as 29 May 1792.

[NI2937] FamilySearch IGI RECORD for Janett E. KINGSLEY indicates sex as Female, d of b 28 Apr 1794, p of b Indian Lands's, Lee, Georgia.

[NI2940] Source: Hazel Evelyn Kingsley (Sally Rucidlo)
WILL of MOSES DANIEL, 19 Nov 1855, Judge, Court of Ordinary, Thomas County, Georgia:
Children named: 1.Matthre W. Daniel; 2.Elizabeth Daniel m.William P. Smith, son, James D. Smith; 3.Charlotte Daniel m.Norman McDuffie; 4.Nancy Ann W. Daniel m.Josiah Groover; 5.John C. Daniel.
Executors: William G. Ponder, A. T. McIntyre
Witnesses: John A. McIntyre, Thos. B. Whitfield, Norman McLeod
Codicil - 7 Feb 1856.... I devise to the children of John C. Daniel, etc...
Wit: John McIntosh, Linchen Taylor, Daniel H. Deen, his mark

[NI2943] Came to MS fr GA abt 1817.

[NI2947] 1860 Census, Itawamba County, Mississippi - Yoconey District (film T7-#127)
p.306 Line____, #2063-2063 Thompson KINGSLEY - age 46 {farmer},b.SC; Lucy - age 45, b.SC; A.W. {m} - age 18, b.SC; W.T. {m} - age 14, b.SC; M.J. {f} - age 16, b.SC; James C. - age 12, b.SC; David F. - age 8, b.SC; Leanders - age 4, b.SC

[NI2951] HEKR records show first name as RHODA.

[NI2954] In 1880 Census, Prentiss County, Mississippi, Jesse KINGSLEY states he was born in South Carolina. Jesse also states Jeremiah was born in England and that he doesn't know where his mother (Winneford) was born.

Note: MARRIAGE RECORDS, Lee County, Mississippi - Bk 3, p 149 - Marriage of Jesse KINGSLEY to Mary Ann Wood, 21 October 1849.

[NI2955] Mary Ann died prior to 1870 Census.

[NI2959] SOURCE:

[NI2973] SOURCES: Genealogy of Tammy Howard Westmoreland; Ref. Gedcom provided by Merritt Mullen.

[NI2979] Source: Family Records of Gatha Bingham Vance, Manassa, Colorado.

[NI2988] Sources: Family records in hands of Mae Georgia Layton - Manassa, Colorado.
LDS Gen.Dept. Patron Notification - Oct 26, 1988. Ancestral File, Church of Jesus Christ of LDS, as of Oct. 1, 1990. Records of Louis Lafayette Perley Jr. (PAF Disk).

[NI2991] Source: Via Lawrence Scott KINGSLEY {Personal knowledge of Ray Lorance of Roseburg, Oregon}.

[NI2996] Owedia Pauline Kingsley - 901 S. Ohio - Hobart, Oklahoma

[NI3009] Named on Tax Roll, 1878 - owned two horses.

[NI3010] "Died at Carargo, Monroe Co., MS, July 30th, 1878. James C. KINGSLEY, in the 30th year of his life. The subject...was born in Union Dist, SC, Sept 19, 1848 and was married to Miss R.L. Marshall, nr Aberdeen, October 6, 1876. His aged parents and dear relatives were not able to see him.... He leaves a young wife and a sprightly little boy, Guy Stanley KINGSLEY, with many friends... He was a consistent member of the church. {Copy contributed by Mrs. Ethel (Rodabough) Kingsley, 17 February 1972 - 401 High Street - Aberdeen, MS 39730}

[NI3011] "Miss Dickie" was preceded in death by her third husband. They were buried in "Odd Fellows Cemetery", Aberdeen, Mississippi.

[NI3089] Currently resides in Gainesville, living with one of her daughters.

[NI3091] Resides on old homeplace in Rosston, Texas.

[NI3112] Sources:
1) Rosston, Cooke County, Texas CEMETERY RECORDS;p.330(ON FILE!)
2)Death Certificate - Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas [1134], Cert.#8324 (ON FILE!)
3)Undertaker - Scott Brothers Funeral Home - Saint Jo, Montague County, Texas

[NI3328] Theodore Roy Meyer, Jr. was a veteran of the Air Force, serving for five years. He was a foreman for Carnation until his retirement in 1974. Member of VFW & member of Church of Christ. He lived in Wichita Falls most of his life.

Memorial service held @ Hampton Vaughan Crestview Chapel in Wichita Falls, on Tuesday, Dec. 2, 1998. Tom Medley, pastor of 1st United Methodist Church of Electra officiated.

Copy of obituary from "Wichita Falls Times/Record News" ON FILE!

[NI3358] Source: Info abt Moses Thomas KINGSLEY & Georgia Ann Merithny ALLEN & their family obtained fr Mark Freeman's Records {}

Source: Kingsley family Bible records, ca. 1790-1947.

[NI3361] Lives in Wichita Falls, Texas.

[NI3362] Lives in Arlington, Texas.

[NI3363] Lives in Wichita Falls, Texas.

[NI3372] Source: Mark Freeman - 5910 Jester Dr - Garland, TX 75044

[NI3381] Source: Mark & Carolyn Freeman - 5910 Jester Dr - Garland, TX 75044

[NI3382] Source: Freeman Ancestors -
{Descendants of Jeremiah KINGSLEY, Isaac Luther SMITH, John McLemore,etc}
In 1860, an Isiah McLemore lived adjacent to John McLemore, aged 26 with children Nancy (6) and Johnson (2), no spouse shown.

[NI3427] Joined Graves Creek Baptist Church in Cumberland. William was a private in Confederate Army. Lived in Hosford, Florida 2 years. [Source:]
Bonnie Taft records indicate d o b as 3 Dec 1848.

[NI3443] Moved to Newbury County, South Carolina

[NI3445] Source: Charles MILLER (email: - KESLER/KEASLER/KEISLER SC/GA/VA via "ROOTS-L" - posted 22 Mar 1999.

Note: William Henry Keisler from VA was a Revolutionary War Soldier, messenger, under the command of Col. Wm. Preston. Since Col. Preston was over the militia in Botetourt, Augiusta and Montgomery Counties, it is assumed that this area is where Wm Henry was from. He died in Newberry, SC leaving a will and naming his children sufficiently to start quite a lineage record. Wife UNKNOWN.

Variations of spelling: KESLER, KEASLER, KEISLER

[NI3446] Left a will.

[NI3447] Deed, 1830 to Nancy Keasler (daughter).

[NI3449] Transcript of Will of John Tarver ON FILE! [Source: G.G. Davidson, "Early Records of Georgia, Wilkes County; Vol. 1, J.W.Burke Company: 1932, page 90; Will of John Tarver, page 48]

Some records indicate death date as 6 September 1810.

[NI3452] Transcript of Will of George Jordan, Northampton County, North Carolina, }NC WB 2, 1792-1808: Will 340, page 9} ON FILE!

[NI3458] On file: pp 754 & 756 of 1860 Census, Walker County, GA; enumerated by W.D.Lumpkin, Ass't Marshal: Post Office: Villanow, GA.
House #603: Mary Hill 47, Jasper 18, Henry H. 16 [All born in GA]
House #617: Ann Shahan 53, Hettie A. 17, John 15, James 13 [All born in TN]

[NI3459] 1860 Census for Walker County, GA lists Mary Hill as a widow with two sons at home: Jasper 18, Henry H. 16 [Ref. p 754] {Copy on file}

[NI3466] Emmigrant

[NI3472] Sources: Family records in possession of Mae Georgia Layton - Manassa, Colorado. LDS Gen.Dept. Notification - Oct. 26, 1988. Records of Louis Lafayette Perley Jr. (PAF Disk).

[NI3485] Ref: James A. Hightower records indicate Mary's surname is EDMONDSON.

[NI3489] Source: Harriet JACK (dau of Allen Jack) of Knox County married Thomas HAMMACK in Alabama at a place called Big Bend post office. {fr "Tennessee, the Volunteer State 1769 - 1923: Volume 3}

[NI3506] SOURCE:

[NI3508] SRCE:

[NI3519] Source: Mary Urban in Utah. Henry H (age 16) and his brother William J (age 18) were living in Villanow, GA with their widowed mother Mary at time of 1860 census. [Apr 2, 1999]

[NI3533] Source for Thomas Jr's spouses name: Nancy Jones Crawford [4.26.1999]

[NI3534] Source: Will of THOMAS BRYAN via Nancy Jones Crawford. List Margret as married to Brannan.

[NI3535] Flora's middle initial "M" obtained from "Meigs County Tennessee Query" posted by Marian Robeson Douglas [] submitted on Monday, May 4, 1998 @ 17:21 CDT..
1)Rosston, Cooke County, Texas CEMETERY RECORDS, p.330
2)Death Certificate - Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas, Cert.#8325 (ON FILE!)
3)Funeral Record {Klement-Keel Funeral Home - Gainesville: formerly Leazer-Keel Funeral Home} fr Dec 6, 1949 - July 31, 1950, p.9(ON FILE!)

[NI3536] William Gibson ROBESON "Death Certificate" named James ROBESON as father. [Source: Death Certificate #8324 of William Gibson Robeson.]

Ref: 1880 Census - Cooke County, Texas: J.M. Robeson w male 55 Farmer b. Tennessee; Father b.Ireland; Mother b.Ireland; E. wife, 50, housekeeping w female b. Tennessee; Father b.?; Mother b.?; Kate, w female, 16 b. Tennessee m. ? Camel

After James and Emmaretta married, they moved to Texas. Resided in Montague County in the Forrestburg area.

James M. Robeson served in 43rd Tennessee Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War for four years. Served under Captain R. Bynian. [Source: Emmaretta's "Confederate Pension Application", No. 5848 - ON FILE!]

[NI3537] William Gibson ROBESON "Death Certificate" named Emma FAIRBANKS as mother. Refer to D.C.#8324 on file with William Gibson Robeson information.

Copy of "Confederate Pension Application", No. 5848 for Mrs. Emmaretta Robeson of Rosston, Texas - ON FILE!

[NI3538] Informant on William Gibson ROBESON death certificate. Not sure if Jack is son OR other relative. (Death Certificate #8324 - Cooke County, Texas)

[NI3546] Source: Lawrence Scott KINGSLEY
Data: LSK has BIRTH CERTIFICATE for Isabelle and Gale (her husband).

[NI3548] Source: Lawrence Scott KINGSLEY
Data: John Lawson died of cancer.

[NI3549] Source: Lawrence Scott KINGSLEY
Data: LSK has personal knowledge of Isabella McPhail Lawson (David's wife) and passenger list fr SS Columbia from Glasgow 26 July 1924.

[NI3550] Source: Lawrence Scott KINGSLEY

[NI3551] Source: Lawrence Scott KINGSLEY

[NI3553] Source: Lawrence Scott KINGSLEY

[NI3555] Source: Lawrence Scott KINGSLEY
LSK's copy of Lottie's obituary.

{HEKR} Nancie Bell "Tiny" KINGSLEY Clancy died from burns sustained when gas exploded in her home.

[NI3556] {HEKR} Asbury Poner "Bill" Clancy preceded wife in death and is buried in Altus, Oklahoma.

[NI3557] G.J.A. BOOK indicates surname as WASHMAN. Will leave "Washburn" as surname on George but will use "Washman" on the children, pending further investigation and "proving".

[NI3559] Last known address: Elsie (Roach) Avery - 509 9th - Levelland, TX ????? (806) 894-6709 (as of Nov 27, 1991)

[NI3560] Source: Lawrence Scott KINGSLEY (Don Avery - Rt 2 Box 82 - Littlefield, TX 79339) - Monroe Kingsley and Don Avery indicate MONROE ROACH was the first soldier killed in W W I from Jackson County, Oklahoma.

[NI3561] Don Avery (via Lawrence Scott KINGSLEY) indicates KATIE ROACH was also known as Aunt Pet. May have died in Altus, OK or perhaps in rest home in Albuquerque, NM. (27 Nov 1991)

[NI3612] Ref: FamilySearch IGI RECORD - Indicates Martha's middle name as Gary. Shows d of m as June 1911 at Albany, Dougherty County, Georgia.

[NI3625] Lived in Clearwater, Florida.

[NI3626] Note: From the obituary for Roy S. KINGSLEY - "Roy Stanley Kingsley was a member of the First Christian Church", Aberdeen, MS. He was a "linotype operator" by profession. {HEKR}

[NI3635] Lived in Odessa, TX - 1973.

[NI3642] {HEKR} Bette BARNETTE died in July 1878 in Prentiss County, Mississippi, when fire destroyed their home.

[NI3643] {HEKR} 1870 Census, Prentiss County, Mississippi (fil T7-#185) pge 5, line___, #21-21. Township 6, R 7, nr Gardner family.
John Barnette - age 55 {farmer}, b.GA; Manerva - age 53 {wife}, b.GA; Elizabeth - age 24, b.ALA; John F. - age 19, b.MI; William I. - age 18, b.MI; Peter M. - age 16, b.MI; James C. - age 15, b.MI; Susan A. - age 14, b.MI; Amanda - age 12, b.MI; Mary - age 10, b.MI; Amos - age 8, b.MI.

[NI3666] LSK DATA: {from Obituary of "Lottie" - indicates Estelle was from Graham, Texas and husband's name was ? Washburn.}

[NI3674] HEKR - Records indicate that B.J. RHODES and wife Otie May were living in Abilene, Taylor County, Texas in January of 1977.

[NI3678] HEKR - Indicates Roy was reared by an Aunt.

[NI3693] {HEKR} John J. Covington and wife Effie were living in Newark community, 1977.

[NI3721] {HEKR} William Sheer joined the US ARMY in 1973 and served a tour of duty in Turkey.

[NI3750] {HEKR} Delores Larue WALLACE died at age of 3.

[NI3757] {HEKR} Eddie DEVAULT fathered six children. Lived in Fremont, CA.

[NI3758] {HEKR} Harry DEVAULT married and had two children. Lived in Santa Maria, CA.

[NI3760] {HEKR}

[NI3761] {HEKR}

[NI3794] {HEKR} Gregory Kent was born overseas as his father was stationed there while in military service.

[NI3830] {HEKR} Anliza had typhoid fever and died at age of 9. Buried in Sycamore Cemetery in unmarked grave.

[NI3833] Source: "Hightower Quest", Vol III Issue No.2, Fall 1998

[NI3835] Source: "Hightower Quest", Vol. III Issue No.2, Fall 1998 (ON FILE!)

[NI3854] Ref: 16323 in

[NI3888] Note: Samuel Tarver is believed to have been killed by the Nottoway Indians.

[NI3889] Mary Boyce is Samuel Tarver's step-sister.

[NI3906] Ref: John Tarver and wife Sarah were in Edgecombe County, NC in the 1750s. There are land transaction records there naming them. John received a Greenville Land Grant {No.3359} 30 September 1760 in Johnston County, NC. In 1759 John received permission to operate a ferry on the Neuse River. [Source: Newspaper Articles fr Johnston County]

John Tarver's will probated in Johnston County, NC - 1761.

[NI3960] Source: Parents of Martha ATKINSON - Sue H. Gill {}}

Ref: Christopher Atkinson's WILL is in Isle of Wight Estate Records, Book 7, p. 314. Names listed on the WILL: Grandson - Owin Atkinson, sons - Benjamin, Arthur, daughters - Elizabeth Manford, Lucy Atkinson, Martha Arnall, wife - Elizabeth Atkinson {Source: Sue H. Gill}

[NI3983] Thomas Hanks and wife Elizabeth are my 9th great-grandparents. LDK

[NI3999] Source: Elizabeth's surname: GLASCOCK - "Thomas Hanck's Descendants" [h12257] Submitter: {}

[NI4021] Source re: Jesse HARRIS death:
Title: Clark County, Arkansas Obituaries and Death Notices
Author: Southern Standard Newspaper
Publ Info: Published in Aarkadelphia, Arkansas
Call#: Vol 1 1869-1900
Repository: Central Louisiana Genealogical Library
Address: 5th & Washington - Alexandria, Louisiana 71301

[NI4069] Ref: Grant Anderson BOOK indicates Mary Neal GARDNER d of b as 26 Jan,1823.

[NI4070] Ref: [Molly] John Gardner,Jr died in infancy.

[NI4073] Ref: {Grant James Anderson GENEALOGY BOOK, p.117,Pub:1909} Indicates date of birth of Sarah Melissa and twin sister Narcissa as February 4, 1835.

[NI4076] Ref:[Molly] James Hightower GARDNER died in infancy.

[NI4077] Source: Molly Fiscella - Atlantic Beach, FL 32233 {gg-granddaughter}

[NI4081] Ref: Mrs. Chester (Lettie) Howell - Waco, Texas. {}}
Copy of email ON FILE!

[NI4091] Ref: "Genealogy" in part, of the ANDERSON - OWEN - BEALL - FAMILIES, by Grant James Anderson - Westminster, Texas. Pub: October 1909 by Whittet & Shepperson, Printers - Richmond, Va.

Obadiah's name referenced as: Col. Obadiah Crawford Gibson

[NI4094] Anderton was born in Maryland but reared in North Carolina. Removed to Upson County, Georgia in 1824.

[NI4102] Ref: Died an infant. {Source: Anderson GENEALOGY BOOK, p.104}

[NI4107] Ref: A second child named John Alexander SMITH, Jr. born in Dec 1855 also died as an infant. {Source: Anderson GENEALOGY BOOK, p. 104}

[NI4108] Ref: Anderson GENEALOGY - Beall Ancestry - p.108 indicates Robert Bramlitt GARDNER was a doctor.

[NI4165] Ref: {Paul Hightower} Jim HIGHTOWER was Cherokee Indian child of Thomas Hightower Jr and wife Jane.

[NI4201] Ref: {Grant James Anderson - Oct.1909} Lossie and child Birdie both died on 16 February 1900 and both buried in the same grave.

[NI4264] Ref: Died young.

Amy Miller records indicate d o b as Jan 8, 1827.

[NI4265] Dr. Robert Gardner and wife Priscilla Neal (Beall) settled in Barnesville, Pike County, Georgia, where he had an extensive medical practice. After the close of the Civil War in 1865, he removed with his family to Giles County, Tennessee, where he engaged in farming, and was prevailed on to accept the principalship of the high school in Pulaski, which position he filled for several years. He was delegate to the Convention that elected Jefferson Davis, President of the Southern Confederacy. He served as surgeon in the army. He left the school in Pulaski, retired to his farm, where he died Oct 9, 1882. Priscilla died 10 April 1906.

[NI4266] Ref: {G.J.Anderson GENEALOGY BOOK} Rev. George was wounded in Civil War in 1864. After war closed, removed to Giles County, Tennessee, in 1865, from thence in 1867 to Whitfield County, Georgia. Later, in 1887, moved to Prescott, Arkansas, where he died on 2 June 1891.

Amy Miller records indicate d o m as November 20, 1852.

[NI4267] Amy Miller records indicate death date as Feb 8, 1903.

[NI4268] Ref: {G.A.Anderson GENEALOGY BOOK} Rev. Sterling Gardner commenced preaching in early life. Removed with his family and joined the Florida Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South; wore out his life in the ministry, serving the church in Key West for a number of years. Emma, his wife, died October 1877, after which, in 1885 he married again, but survived but a short while, died 10 November 1887.

[NI4271] Amy Miller records indicate name is "James" Watkins ANDERSON.

[NI4273] Ref: This is the Grant James ANDERSON (of Westminster, Texas) that wrote the book: GENEALOGY - Anderson -- Owen -- Beall Families, October 1909, published by Whittet & Shepperson,Printers - Richmond, Virginia.

[NI4275] Willis and wife Mary were of Harris County, Georgia.

[NI4282] Minister of Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

[NI4366] At the time the book (GENEALOGY BOOK by Grant James Anderson) was published in 1909, Annie E. (Hightower) and her husband were living in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They had no children.

[NI4390] Col. C.C. Barrow was an attorney.

[NI4429] Six years after the death of J. W. Glenn, Roberta married Dr. P.C. Blount. There were no children from the 2nd marriage. [Source: Molly]

[NI4520] Amy Miller records indicate full name as Emma Susan Taylor and marriage date as May 9, 1854.

[NI4525] Conflicting date of birth: June 15, 1860 "or" [p.132] April 22, 1860?

[NI4592] Nancy (dau of Edythe) Anderson lives in Michigan.
Nancy Anderson
602 Duray Lane (?)
Portage, Michigan 49002

[NI4593] Edythe wrote Alice Jones in Memphis, Texas a few years ago, (Recent - last 5 to 10 year) from Michigan.

Address for Edythe:
610 Campbell
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49007

[NI4596] Charley Hill Grooms was a quiet man and always listened to others. He studied the Bible frequently. He and his family lived on a farm in the Naylor Community. They removed to California in 1945. [Source: Stella Jophine {nee Espey} Foster - Memphis, Texas; June 21, 1999]

[NI4599] Served 55 years as Church of Christ minister in Texarkana, Texas; Keller, Texas; Lancaster, California. {Ref: Stella Jophine Foster}

[NI4610] Oleta is presently living in Lancaster, California. (Ref: Jo Foster}

[NI4612] Ref: Photo of headstone ON FILE!

[NI4620] Ref: Rev.Alexander's middle name may have been "Colwell".

Ref: Rev.Alexander C. ROBESON served in the war of 1812 as Captain of the Light Horse Cavalry. Following the war, he and family removed to Tennessee in 1815 where he purchased 500 acres of land in McMinn County. The Cherokee Indians were in that section at that time, and frequently destroyed the crops of the settlers, but owing to his invariable kindness to them, he was never molested.

He was a prominent citizen of McMinn County and was repeatedly elected magistrate; and was also one of the commissioners appointed to layout the town of Athens, Tennessee. {SOURCE: "ROBESON FAMILY" GENEALOGY BOOK - Originally published in 1916.} [Copy of book in PERSONAL LIBRARY!]

[NI4621] Ref: Photo of headstone ON FILE!

Ref: Joan Cox has copy of Death Certificate #4329 fr State Library, Austin, Texas.

[NI4622] Grover Robeson was a farmer. Later had a dairy business and hauled express. He also worked in the oil fields. Places of residence: Texas - Seymour, Electra, Fort Worth, Miranda City; Oklahoma - Fredericks.

Died of a massive heart attack due to an enlarged heart.

[NI4623] Address: Joan Moore-Cox (daughter of Emmett Monroe ROBESON)
66 Newcomb Bend Loop
Rockport, Texas 78382

Emmett was a farmer and oil field "tool pusher" until he retired in 1961. Places of residence: Texas - Seymour, Electra, Saint Jo, Overton, Tyler, Wink, Kermit, El Campo, Rosenburg, Yorktown, Nordheim, Rockport, Alice, Fort Worth; Oklahoma - Oklahoma City, Fredericks; Louisiana - LaFayette, Opaloosa; South America - El Tigre Venezuela and San Tome {near village of Tigrito}, Anaco {between El Tigre and Puerto La Cruz Venezuela}.

Divorced Viola Fay in 1964.

[NI4624] Viola Robeson married approximately 11 times. She married Roy La Grange twice. Other spouses are unknown. She never had any children. Resided in Kennedale, Texas for some time prior to her death.

[NI4632] Ref: FamilySearch IGI Record - Film # 184684, page 43, Ref # 1438

[NI4634] Ref: 1880 Census - Cooke County, Texas = J.A. Robeson w m farmer 26 Talitha A. w fem wife 21 Tenn, Tenn, Tenn

[NI4636] At the time the book "Robeson Genealogy" was published (1916), Elbert M. Robeson lived at Forestburg, Texas.

[NI4643] Ref: Dale Morgan {}}
Ref: C.V. Jackson research {notes}
Ref: "Precious Memories" by Dona M. Eason
Ref: Tony Rockefeller; Hazel Hightower Smith

[NI4651] At the time the book "Robeson Genealogy" was published (1916), Alexander & Kate lived in Forestburg, Texas.

Ref: Marian Robeson Douglas indicates Alexander's last name as CAMBELL.

[NI4652] Ref: Photo of headstone ON FILE!

At the time the "Robeson Genealogy" Book was published (1916), Albert G. Robeson lived in Forestburg, Texas.

[NI4654] Ref: Katharine is one of a set of triplet daughters of Lynch family in Virginia from which Lynchburg, Virginia was named. Her sister, Rebecca, married Rev. Robeson's brother John.

[NI4655] After the death of her husband in 1848, Rebecca remained in Tennessee for many years, but removed to Texas about 1870, where the rest of her life was spent.

[NI4657] Ref: "Robeson Family" GENEALOGY BOOK - p. 125 (GI# 425)

[NI4658] Alexander (son) and daughters all married and went west to Missouri, but nothing more is known of their families. (As of 1916)

[NI4666] Calvin Carter ROBESON was one of the prominent men of Meigs County, Tennessee. He was elected, when a comparatively young man, to the office of County Court Clerk, a position which he held until his death, always being re-elected by his fellow citizens, regardless of party affiliations. His good advice constantly prevented, and settled, law suits; and often put an end to old standing feuds among the people of the county. [SOURCE: "Robeson Genealogy", Pub 1916, p 194 - Kate H. Osborne {Feb 19, 1916}]

[NI4668] Hon. Alex. C. ROBESON was educated at "Emory & Henry" College. He was a successful merchant of Athens, Tennessee. His first wife {Caroline} was descended from the family to which belonged the famous Scotch poet, James Montgomery.

[NI4669] SOURCE: FamilySearch IGI Record - Film # 184684, page 43, Ref # 1441 - Indicates Alexander C. Robeson's wife as Caroline KNOX. Also shows 1 child named Alexander C. Robeson.

[NI4671] William Robeson is my 4th great-grandfather. He and his wife & family migrated from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. When living in North Carolina, he was delegate to Halifax, NC - November 6, 1776 and a Member of General Assembly 1777. William Robeson and family had moved and settled in Monroe County, Virginia, where he and his son William were drowned while attempting to cross Green Briar River. [Source: Wheeler's History of North Carolina, Part 3rd p 346]

[NI4681] Ref: John and his brother James settled in White County, Tennessee. John married a 2nd time, had a family, but they all went West, and nothing is known of them.

[NI4682] Ref: Rebecca is sister of Katharine LYNCH {wife of John's brother Alexander C. Robeson}. Rebecca is one of triplet sisters.

[NI4684] Peter Robeson was Coroner of Philadelphia County, PA from 1759 to 1763. He also served as a Justice of the Peace, and was a large land owner as early as 1734. After the death of his father-in-law (Edward Farmer), Peter carried on the business at the mill in Whitemarsh, PA, which was the first mill built in that township.

[NI4697] Settled in Charleston, SC.

[NI4699] Major Jasper Farmer, with his family and 13 servants and their families, embarked for America in August of 1685 on the ship "Bristol Merchant", John Stephenson - Commander. Major Jasper and his son Jasper both died on the voyage and his widow, with the remaining children, and the son's widow with her three children, on reaching America, decided to remain and settled on the land which had been purchased. This land comprised almost all of Whitemarsh PA, south of the Skippack Road. [REF: Pennsylvania Archives, Vol. 8 & 9; New Jersey Archives, Vol. 20]

[NI4700] Andrew ROBESON, Jr. served as Chief Justice of Pennsylvania (until 1699). He immigrated from Scotland to Gloucester, New Jersey. [Source:]]

[NI4712] Bio: Thomas was possibly 4 or 5 years old when his father (Andrew) and family moved to Shoomac Park, Philadelphia County, Province of Pennsylvania. Here his youth was spent and he probably removed with the family to the Amity region in PA in 1818. After the death of Andrew, Thomas seems to have disposed himself of the Inn {The Sine of the Sun} which his father had left him and migrated to North Carolina. It is known that land was granted to him there by King George II near the Cape Fear River. He named his homestead "Walnut Grove". The Singletary family who located in Bladen County was also from Philadelphia area. [page 44 of H&G of Andrew Robeson]

[NI4714] Samuel Robeson, like his brothers, was interested in the iron industry of Pennsylvania. In 1737 & 1743 he was taxed on 100 acres in Lancaster County, PA and was living in 1765 when he signed a paper (PA Archives Vol.24, pp.506-508). His wife came from the vicinity of Trappe, PA. Trappe is Swedish for stairs. [Source: Robeson BOOK]

[NI4722] Info for John ROBESON and wife Ann WHITMORE and the 3 preceding generations was obtained from: Thomas Nolan ROBESON [Datafile H3260]
Email: trobeson@im3.comm

[NI4724] SOURCE: FamilySearch IGI Record: Film # 184684, Page 146, Ref: 4712 Indicates child of Calvin Carter Robeson and wife as Alexander Caldwell Robeson.

[NI4725] Ref: {Robeson Genealogy Bk. p 66-68} Col. Thomas Robeson held the rank of Colonel in the War of the Revolution. An account of his war record can be found in the record of the "Battle of Elizabethtown, North Carolina", just after the record of Captain Peter Robeson (brother of Thomas). Robeson County North Carolina was named after Col. Thomas Robeson and his brother, Captain Peter Robeson, in recognition of their services during the Revolution.

[NI4762] 1860 Census - Dallas County, Texas; Precinct 5, Breckenridge Post Office, pg. 2 William Fletcher w m 30 yrs old, farmer b. Tenn
Margaret B. w fem 26 yrs. b. Penn
Laura A w fem 3 yr. b. Tex

1870 Census - Dallas County, Texas
William Fletcher w m farmer 47 b. Tenn
Martha C. B. Tenn
Laura A. w fem 13 b. Tex
Thomas J. w m 9 b. Tex
William W. w m 6 b. Tex

[NI4770] Divorced John Huey Keenon, Jr on January 31, 1958.

[NI4772] After the drowning of Martha Joan's first husband, she remarried Jack Lowther. Jack was killed in a car wreck in Wichita Falls, Wichita County, Texas.

After Jack's death, Joan married attorney Phillip Tibiletti and this marriage ended in a divorce. She then married CPA Robert Moore, and this marriage also ended in a divorce. Following the divorces, she entered the field of psychology to try and figure out what happened... and then married Psychologist Dr. John A. Cox.
Dr. Cox had three children - Nancy, Mary Lou and Martha.

[NI4786] Mike and his son, Michael, were drowned in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

[NI4792] After the death of Kathryn (Dr. Cox's first wife), he and his children moved to Victoria and he married Jean Marsh and the marriage ended in divorce. He then married Martha "Joan" Moore {nee Robeson}.

[NI4797] Colleen and husband Mark and children currently live in London, England. They were in Cairo, Egypt for three years and recently moved back to London. Mark is an engineer with British Petroleum and Colleen is a former systems analyst. Colleen is now a "full-time" homemaker.

[NI4798] Kevin's marriage to Kimberly Olsen ended up in a divorce in a very conflictual relationship. Kimberly remarried a man named Adams and the family has no contact with Cody {child of Kevin & Kim} due to the conflictual relationship. Kevin and his current wife {Christine} currently live in Miami, Florida where Christine goes to law school.

[NI4823] Ref: ( Ancestor Tree of Martha (Dennis) Neal - Member Charts of "Friends of the Library", LaFayette, Walker County, GA.

[NI4834] Ref: Marriage Records - Walker County, Georgia - 1882-1920; Book 5, p 324:
R.D. Love married Minta M. Shahan on 3 November 1915.

[NI4836] Ref: Info concerning Sarah RUTLEDGE & spouse & decendants obtained via "HightowerQuest" - Janet & Ken Ricke {}

Info: Sarah is a direct descendant of Edward Rutledge (one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence!) SOURCE: Ken Ricke

[NI4865] Ref: Following death of William Ashley Rogers, Ada changed the spelling of Rogers to Rodgers. Some family members believe it was because of moonshining relatives in the next county, but records of a cousin convicted of murder during the same time period, leads others to believe that was the true reason. {Source: Britt Rodgers}

Ref: Ada was so distraught when Ned Ashley died, she wanted to have him buried in the front yard, so she could be close to him. Family members reasoned with her, and he was buried in the Hightower family cemetery. {Source: Britt Rodgers}

[NI4877] Ref: Some reports indicate Joseph Rogers wifes name as "Martha Sarah Williamson".

Source for names of children: Dottie Stephenson {Oct 11, 1997} [Email:]]

[NI4890] George's wife Nancy Jordon is a sister of Patience's stepmother Elizabeth.

[NI4892] Information relative to full name, d of b & d, d o m & spouse's d o b & d for Charlotte Arnold TARVER obtained from "Lineage Library" Descendants of George Jordan - Submitted by: Lotus D. Cirilo (

[NI4919] Rebecca died at Elihu Robeson's birth. On her death bed she gave Elihu to her sister Caterine (wife of Rev.Alexander Caldwell Robison) to raise. When Alexander and his family relocated to Athens, Tennessee (McMinn County), Elihu went with them and was raised as one of their own. [Source: Phebe Morgan]

Elihu most probably became acquainted with Mary Elizabeth because of the connection between her father, Littleberry MOORE, and Elihu's uncle, Alexander Caldwell ROBESON. [Source: Phebe Morgan] REF: Littleberry and Alexander entered in a land transaction in McMinn County in December 1825, (Order No.2586 - Hiwassee District). They sold that land on February 4, 1826.

Elihu & family is living next to his father-in-law (Littleberry Moore) in the 1840 Census in Bradley County {two farms away from Charles Havens}. In 1845 he purchases 70 acres in Hamilton County, on the waters of the Long Savannah, for $200 -- $100 in cash and the other in horse flesh.

In the 1850 Census they are back living in McMinn County. In the 1860 Census he is living in Hamilton County and his land is valued at $4000. His obituary was printed in the Cleveland newspaper.

[NI4983] Vincent EASLEY served in the War of 1812.

[NI4992] President of Weaverville College, North Carolina.

[NI4998] Joshua entered the Army of the Revolution when 18 years old, and served through the war. He was of Scottish descent, and lived to be 93 years of age.

[NI5019] In 1916, Bruner & wife resided in Indiana.

[NI5065] Buried at Evergreen Cemetery (2 mi west of Lebanon, TN) at Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, Tennessee.

[NI5088] Buried at Evergreen Cemetery (2 mi west of Lebanon, TN) at Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, Tennessee.

[NI5103] Corum and Tallent Tarver indicate Ransom, Jr. owned a farm in Union County and lived there for several years until he bought the Jake Harris farm on Washington Pike in Knox County. They remarked that Ransom, Jr. was a note agriculturist.

[NI5129] ? dob 1782 OR 1767

[NI5130] dob ?1780 OR 1769

[NI5132] dob 1775 OR 1784 ?

[NI5133] dob 1786 OR 1777 ?

[NI5138] G.J.A. BOOK indicates Augustus & Minerva Beall had 10 children but listed only 4 that were known. [p 76]

Warren County, GA 1860 Federal Census, p 32
13 244 59 Beall Augustus 55 M Farmer 6,000 8,000 Georgia
14 244 59 Beall Manerva 43 F S. Carolina
15 244 59 Beall Ermine F. 21 F Ga.
16 244 59 Beall Julius 18 M Ga. X
17 244 59 Beall Oliver 17 M Ga. X
18 244 59 Beall Augusta Sue 15 F Ga. X
19 244 59 Beall Misouri 13 F Ga. X
20 244 59 Beall Elizabeth 11 F Ga. X
21 244 59 Beall Augustus 8 M Ga.
22 244 59 Beall Anansia 6 F Ga.

[NI5141] 1860 Census for Warren County, GA indicates name as Augusta Sue Beall instead of Augustus Ann.

[NI5191] Amy Miller records do not include "Frank" BEALL. Amy's records indicate only 9 children.

[NI5196] Died at 12 years of age.

[NI5197] Died at 14 years of age.

[NI5202] Died of drowning while young.

[NI5206] Found dead on his farm in Texas.

[NI5209] G.J. Anderson indicated that Sebastian may have been an attorney in Texas.

[NI5222] Some records indicate this person as William Frank BRINKLEY.

[NI5226] Robert was killed in youth.

[NI5289] G.J. Anderson indicated that Miss Bob married a wealthy man. They had no children.

[NI5291] Joseph died in early manhood; unmarried.

[NI5293] Henry married and died. No children.

[NI5302] G.J.A. Book indicates d o b as 2 November 1802.

[NI5303] Benajah died in infancy.

[NI5305] G.J.A. BOOK, p 145 indicates d o b for Sarah as 10 April 1815.

[NI5308] After Mary Paige's death, John and his son removed to Arkansas, where little Adolphus had a pet bear, who would sleep with him.

[NI5321] After the death of Eliza (Beall), James Neal's first wife, he married Eliza Davenport and reared a large family of children. James Neal was a colonel in the War of 1812, and was with General Jackson at New Orleans.

[NI5327] Rev. Thomas C. Smith, of the Methodist Protestant Church, died of yellow fever in Mobile, Alabama, about 1855. He was once editor of the "Greenville {Alabama} Observer". [Source: G.J.A.]

[NI5329] Thomas and Amanda resided in Clinton, Georgia.

[NI5332] Died while serving in the Confederate Army.

[NI5335] Ref: G.J.A. - Amanda Elizabeth had presentiment of death, left note written to her parents.

[NI5341] Died in youth.

[NI5344] Shot and killed in Arkansas on Nov 19, 1865. Unmarried.

[NI5345] After Lucinda's death in March 1884, George McIntosh T. married his deceased wifes sister, Janie E. Young.

[NI5355] After the death of J.H. Pipkin, Sr., Mrs. Pipkin (Eliza Ruth) married Lee Waldrip.

[NI5373] Joseph Edward was the oldest son of Col.John & Cornelia and became a lawyer.

[NI5374] After Wilhelmina's death in March of 1892, Col. J.N. married again. John Neal was also a lawyer.

[NI5404] John S. Gaines was a merchant.

[NI5408] Pratt P. Bacon was a lawyer.

[NI5475] The same preacher married Molly and her two sons all within the same year!

[NI5488] John was born about 1750 and removed to England when a young man, where he met and married Ann Crawford. They married about 1778 and emigrated to America some time later. It is traditionary that in 1784 John took out head-right to 300 acres of land, upon which place he died July, 1822. [Source: G.J.A. BOOK - p 143]

[NI5506] After Mary's death (1861), Dr. Gibson married Mrs. Susan (nee Benton) HOLT. [G.J.A. BOOK - p 146]

[NI5507] Robert & Mary & children removed to Butler County, Alabama just before the Civil War. Robert enlisted in an Alabaman regiment and was killed in battle in 1863. [Ref: G.J.A. BOOK - p 146]

[NI5508] After the death of his wife, Elizabeth, Thomas married the second time to Mrs. Mary Gardner (nee Veazy) MORRIS, a sister to Elizabeth. [Source: G.J.A. BOOK p 146]

[NI5509] Amy Miller records indicate middle name as Crawford.

[NI5510] Died at 7:00 p.m.

[NI5511] Died at 5:00 a.m.

[NI5548] Eliza Jane Fletcher (2nd wife of Col. Obadiah C. Gibson, Sr.) is an aunt of Annie Eliza (nee Fletcher) Anderson who was the wife of Grant James Anderson. [G.J.A. is Grant James Anderson]

[NI5565] Died day of birth.

[NI5624] Cullen Fralick Smith was killed by a train at Plainview, Georgia.

[NI5666] Doug Gidden & wife (Ara) were living in Tulia, Texas at time of death of Kate Crawford (Ara's sister).

[NI5671] Mrs. ROGERS (nee Crawford) was the sister of Robert E. and Collie W. Crawford. Her given name is not known at this time. [6/22/1999]

[NI5676] Mr. Estes's second wife, Linda, was a school teacher in Memphis, Texas.

[NI5681] Was in Hedley, Texas. Not sure of place of birth.

[NI5682] Mr. Ruth Oliver Espey attended school in Memphis, Texas and played football with Oren Jones (2nd husband of Alice Grimsley). The Espey family lived in Estelline, Texas. His father was originally from Spain and came to Texas from Alabama. [Source: Stella Jophine {Espey} Foster - Memphis, Texas (dau of Ruth Oliver & Lora Mae)]

[NI5691] Larry GROOMS is presently editor of a newspaper in Lancaster, California. (June 1999)

[NI5692] Marsha Dee, when 17 years old, was killed taking her 1st solo flight at Lancaster, California when the plane was flipped over by crosswinds. [Source: Stella Jophine Foster - Memphis, Texas - June 1999]

[NI5693] James Robert Grimsley served as a Sgt of US ARMY in World War II.

[NI5694] J.B. & wife Susan are buried in the same plot at Rowe Cemetery, Hedley, Donley County, Texas as William Edward Grimsley and his wife Janie. {Not positive about the parentage}

[NI5735] SOURCE: David Stielow

[NI5739] SOURCE: David Stielow

[NI5775] Data: Mecklenburg County, Virginia - 1850 Census, 98th District - 2nd day of September 1850 - J.O. Knox [Source: Reel No. 960, page 49]
Arnold, Jno. J. 47 M - Farmer - VA
Arnold, Elizabeth C. - 50 F - VA
Arnold, Amanda - 24 F - VA
Arnold, Maria - 19 F - VA
Arnold, Jas. Jas. - 16 M - VA
Arnold, Sarah - 10 F - VA

Data: Mecklenburg County, Virginia - 1870 U.S. Census, Buckhorn Township [Source: Microfilm No. 1663]
286b 27 177 136 Arnold, John J. 67 M W Farmer - 3000 300 VA X
286b 28 177 136 Arnold, Amanda J. 35 F W Keeps house VA

[NI5778] Data: Mecklenburg County, Virginia - 1850 Census, 98th District - 2nd day of September 1850 - J.O. Knox [Source: Reel No. 960, p 49]
Arnold, Hartwell - 42 M - Methodist Minister - VA
Arnold, Mary M. - 43 F - VA
Arnold, Elvira A. - 17 F - VA
Arnold, Thos. - 15 M - VA
Arnold, Benja. - 13 M - VA
Arnold, Jos. - 11 M - VA
Arnold, Isabella - 9 F - VA
Arnold, Peterson - 7 M - VA
Arnold, Martha - 1 F - VA

[NI5925] Center Alexander Robeson was born in North Carolina and left home when a young lad to be gone six months, but remained away. He resided in Texas. Three of his children lost their lives in 1903 when his dwelling was destroyed by fire. Other family members were rescued with difficulty.

[NI5943] George Flavel Robeson was living in Kermit, New Mexico at the time of the publishing of the "Robeson Genealogy Book" {Pub. 1916}.

[NI5989] Some records indicate surname VINCENT instead of VINSON.

[NI6020] Note: Mary drove a 2 horse wagon to Virginia to retrieve her wounded husband Hamp Jones and the doctors removed 2 bullets. Daughter Mary Cantrell still has the 2 bullets. [Source: ccmiller]

[NI6023] Buried on hill overlooking Kesler Br. cedar grove. [Source: ccmiller]

[NI6181] Note: Died young.

[NI6195] Note: In Robeson Genealogy Book {Pub.1916}, father of Benjamine is listed as E. Waterman Robeson. According to memories of J.Thos.Pitts {husband of Jean McCreight Robeson}, Benjamine's fathers name was Edward Johnston Robeson.

[NI6229] Thomas John Robeson was only one year old when his family located in Van Buren township in Darke County, Ohio, and he was eleven when they moved to a farm near Jaysville, where he grew to manhood. His education was begun in an old log school house. His early advantages were limited, as he was reared in a region then wild and sparsely settled. He assisted his father (John) in clearing and improving the farm and experienced many hardships and privations incident to pioneer life.

While a boy, Thomas broke his arm which prevented him from entering the service during the Civil War. He served one term as constable of Van Buren Township and was a staunch supporter of the Democratic Party. He was an ernest member of the United Brethren Church and was a trustee of the same.

[Source: Tom Robeson - Data taken from Darke County Genealogical and Biographical Record]

[NI6246] Retired meat cutter for Frigid-Air Locker.

[NI6254] Charles bought the Frigid-Air Locker from Kenneth Kerns in 1959 and operated it until his death in 1970. Then Mildred operated the business with their sons Jack and Donald until her retirement in 1985. Donald operated it until the business was sold in 1989. The building now houses the Board of Education. [Source: Tom Robeson]

[NI6279] Thomas Nolan ROBESON is a PUNCH PRESS OPERATOR for Kennedy Manufacturing - 237 Bonnewitz Avenue - Van Wert, OHIO.

[NI6501] George Allen BREWER was a World War II Veteran. He retired from "Continental Can Company" in Van Wert, Ohio. [Source: Tom Robeson]

[NF0117] Ref: Marriage Records, Prentiss County, Mississippi (Baldwyn, MS) - Records indicate marriage of D.W. KINGSLEY and "Lottie" STRICKLIN, 4 April 1883.

Copy of "Marriage License and Certificate" ON FILE! {Courtesy of LSK of Edmund, Oklahoma}

[NF0171] Married at Riverside Baptist Church in Fort Worth, TX.

[NF0221] 1850 Census for Walker County, Georgia has no record of a Hill family with a wife Mary w 2 sons (William Jasper, Henry H.) had no match. Must have moved to Walker County after the 1850 census.

[NF0635] Source: Lawrence Scott KINGSLEY

[NF0650] Ref: James A. Hightower records in John Thomas Hightower married Mary on 22 Sept, 1774.

[NF1687] Some records indicate marriage date as 21 December 1774.

[NF1769] Ref: Walker County, Georgia - Marriage Records {1882-1920} - Book 4, p 98 = R.M. Neal married Exa Shahan on 2 December 1908.

[NF1870] Data: Marriage Record of Christ Church, Philadelphia 1709-1806, Volum 1 = 1779, Oct 28 - Stocker, Mary and Andrew Robeson, Esqr. [Source: Record of Pennsylvania Marriage Prior to 1810]

[NF1916] {HEKR} Gwendolyn and Linda ELOPED to Mexico, later repeated vows at San Angelo, Texas.

[NS14191] Tarver Gedcom - Submitter #SEV61741
Chris Suthers
8819 Olden
Overland, MO. 63114
Email: cbctm@aol.comm
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[NS19751] Customer pedigree.

[NS377421] Copy of book contents provided by Molly & Carl.

[NS377423] Mrs. C. T. "Molly" Fiscella - 225 5th St - Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

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